Ever notice that the tiny version of pretty much anything is super adorbs, from poodles to party favors? If you’re looking for a new DIY challenge, ramp up the squee with these cute (and fun) miniature home decor projects. As a bonus, you’ll now have plenty of home DIYs to keep you busy on those longer autumn nights. Scroll down for 22 ideas on how to add character to your home decor this month.


1. Tiny Gold People: Who would’ve thought tiny gold people would make the perfect decor piece for your coffee table? Go bold this fall with a mixture of figurines and blocks in gold (or any fun color) to brighten up your table. (via Dobleufa)


2. DIY Mini Macrame Hangers: Take a trip to your local craft store and grab some neon-colored cotton cording. Those twist braid skills from your friendship bracelet days will come in handy when you’re making these fun miniature DIY plant hangers. (via Think Make Share Blog)

3. DIY Canvas Magnets: You can never have too many magnets. Depending on how you want to treat and style these, you can make them look modern, chic or even classy. (via The Sweetest Occasion)


4. DIY Mini Copper Bud Vases: These glossy little copper bud vases are just what your wall needs. Fill them with fresh flowers, succulents or even hard-to-spot fakes. These vases will add some life to your home and make your decor look chic. (via Sugar & Charm)

5. I Saw Three Ships Embroidery DIY: Who doesn’t love bright, fun embroidery? Download this printable to transfer ship patterns to cotton fabric. From there, it only takes a few strands of embroidery floss to make this adorable ornament. (via Wild Olive)


6. Ultra Mini DIY Framebox: There are too many cute mini decor pieces in your house — said no one *ever.* To create your own tiny frame box like this one, pick out (or make) some fun 3D paper art and a mini frame. (via Blog Delanine)


7. Mini Desk Marquee Lights DIY: This marquee light is probably the coolest way to add a statement light without going full-on table lamp. This looks great on the desk, but you can also put it on a shelf or as the centerpiece of your next party. (via A Joyful Riot)


8. DIY Tissue Paper Tassel Planter: Cheer up a plain clay planter with a string of fun tassels. Use tissue paper from a previous gift to make this DIY in minutes. (via Homemade Ginger)


9. DIY Tiny Neon Pots: There’s nothing like brightening up your room with a little greenery. Pop a baby succulent plant into a neon and gold planter to spruce up your desk or coffee table. (via I Spy DIY)


10. DIY Crochet Cactus: This mini dual-toned crochet cactus is ideal for anyone who can’t even keep a succulent alive. The colorful desert-inspired design will brighten up your entry table or bedroom dresser in a whimsical way. (via Oomanoot)


11. DIY Zen Garden: A mini zen garden made with pink sand and flamingos is the type of happy place you need to relax, unwind and have a little bit of calming fun. To accessorize your garden, look for miniature accents in the dollhouse section of your favorite art store. (via Brit + Co)


12. DIY Cone Ring Holders: A tidy vanity space will leave you with less to worry about when you’re getting ready each morning. Avoid the stress of poor organization by making these multi-colored cones to hold your rings. (via Cupcakes and Cashmere)


13. DIY Gold-Dipped Feather Garland: Ordinary decor pieces don’t stand a chance against this attention-grabbing wall garland. Made of soft tiny feathers, gold paint and string, this surprisingly simple project is all you need this fall. (via Simple Styling)


14. DIY Mini Clay Ring Dishes: These miniature ring dishes are adorbs and so easy to make! You can customize them by adding a fun quote or personalized message. (via I Spy DIY)


15. Tiny Crochet Flowers DIY: These mini crochet flowers are an excellent way to add a spring look to your home; you can sew or glue them just about anywhere. Spread the cuteness by giving a handful away as a party favor at your next get-together. (via Earl Grey Blog)


16. Tiny Clay Triangle Wall Hooks DIY: Turn a blank wall in your bedroom into *the* focal point with a little bit of clay, paint and hooks. You can copy this fun pattern or try your hand at other whimsical designs. (via I Spy DIY)


17. DIY Hanging Water Garden: Install this adorable mini water garden in your kitchen or bedroom for a breath of fresh air. This project uses small aquatic plants that are just the cutest. (via The Merry Thought)


18. DIY Mini Wall Hang: Complement your wall space with this DIY mini wall hang made from soft fabric. It’s easy to customize and color-coordinate this project with your existing decor. (via Delineate Your Dwelling)


19. DIY Mid-Century Trinket Dish: If you love the originality of a custom piece of decor, consider this delectable mid-century trinket dish made from scratch. Don’t be intimidated — as long as you can follow step-by-step instructions, you can totally take on this DIY. The hard part will be choosing which rings you’ll want to put on display. (via Enthralling Gumption)


20. DIY Mini Notebooks: Whether it’s for an address book, travel diary or meeting notes, gold leaf is the perfect way to give life to your boring, monotoned notebooks. While this writer even made the books themselves, you don’t have to go that far — just apply some gold foil to the corner of a store-bought notepad. (via Eat Sleep Cuddle)


21. DIY Tiny Cactus Ring Holder: Calling all jewelry lovers! This handmade cactus ring holder with floral accents is guaranteed to spruce up your bedroom decor. It’s safe to say you’ll never misplace your wedding ring again. (via Kin Community)


22. DIY Hand-Painted Mini Cactus Pots: Tiny succulents make for the most adorable planters — plus, you don’t even have to water this one! Just pick up a few rocks and paint them in various shades of green. (via Home Talk)

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