If you’re expecting guests this fall, you’ve probably taken a look at your guest room and realized it’s been a *while* since you set foot in it. And if you’re just now realizing that your guest room is in need of a major makeover, don’t panic — we’ve all been there. You’ll no longer have to worry when your mom stops by for an unexpected weekend visit because luckily for you, you can revamp the room in six quick steps. You can make changes that will have your guests swooning. Check out these helpful tips and DIYs that will give your guest room the much-needed makeover it deserves.


1. Tidy Up: The best way to greet your guests is by giving them a neat and tidy room to relax in. It may even be necessary to donate clothes or bedding to help rid your room of any unnecessary clutter. (via New Zealand Design Blog)


2. DIY Velcro Bedskirt: Let’s face it: Sometimes you can’t hide everything, but this bed skirt DIY will certainly help. This DIY skirt would be wonderful for tucking eyesores like out-of-season knick knacks and clothing out of the way until you’re ready to use them again. (via A Beautiful Mess)


3. DIY Smell Good Candles: Scent is one of the first ways you can establish your guest room as a comfort zone, so greet your guests with one of your favorite scented candles that you DIYed, for that personal touch. Cluster them on a plate to keep the room feeling organized. (via Brit + Co)

4. Gilded Ceramic Vanity DIY: There’s nothing worse than a messy house guest. Encourage your guests to stay organized by leaving them a catch-all vanity tray for their jewelry and other miscellaneous items. (via Brit + Co)


5. On-Time Wall Clock DIY: A clock is an essential (and oft-forgotten) need for every guest room. Make sure all of your guests, especially out-of-towners, are aware of the time. (via Dream Green DIY)


6. Ottoman Storage DIY: Make sure your guests have plenty of blankets and pillows during their stay. A good way to do this is by putting these items somewhere your guests will see them, like on a dresser or ottoman. (via Brit + Co)


7. Refresh the Bedding: A fun (and easy) way to make over any guest room is by refreshing the bedding decor. With a soft new comforter set, your guests will rest happily and comfortably. (via Brit + Co)


8. DIY Pouf Seating: Update your room with new and vibrant seating options to assure your guests will be as comfortable as possible. Seating option ideas include poufs, ottomans, chairs and loveseats. (via Kristi Murphy)


9. DIY Pillow Covers: If you don’t have the budget for an entirely new comforter set, just update your throw pillows. This inexpensive change will give your room an entirely new theme or vibe. (via Brit + Co)


10. Charging Station: The best guest rooms have everything your guest may need. A dedicated charging station is everything your guest never knew they needed and will show just much you care. (via The V Spot Blog)


11. TV Entertainment: Your company may have an obsession with The Bachelor or How to Get Away With Murder. Ensure they don’t miss their favorite shows by adding a mounted TV to the wall in their room. (via The Every Girl)


12. WiFi Password Display: The first question every houseguest asks when they arrive is, “What’s your WiFi password?” Put your WiFi info on display in a frame or on a message board. (via Chicfetti)


13. Storage Dresser: Make sure your houseguest has plenty of space to store their delicates and fashionables. A cool way to do this is by leaving them enough storage space in a dresser or closet. (via Brit + Co)


14. Bed Slat Storage: If you don’t have enough closet space for their belongings, add this fun wall storage to your wall. This will ensure your guests will be able to stay organized with everything in arms reach. (via Brit + Co)


15. DIY Ombre Rope Hamper: Your houseguests will be going through a few outfits during their stay. Leave a laundry basket in the room to make sure they don’t leave with dirty clothes. (via One O)


16. Welcome Basket: We’ve all forgotten an item or two while on vacation: like accidentally leaving behind a toothbrush or shampoo bottle. Amaze your guests by welcoming them with a basket full of essential toiletries. (via Mr and Mrs 2015)


17. Spa Basket DIY: Another great way to greet your guests upon arrival is by treating them to a spa-in-the-box welcome basket. This will be especially well-received if they’ll be super busy during their stay. (via Brit + Co)


18. Midnight Snack Box: You want to go above and beyond for your loved ones, so throw together a midnight snack box. Make sure you include their favorite sweets and go-to salty craving. (via You Are My Fav)


19. Guest Room Bar Cart: You already have a bar cart in your main living space for entertaining guests with their favorite booze. Why not create a similar bar cart for your guest room that includes everything they may need? Booze is an obvious must-have, but also include a few snacks, toiletries and freshly cut flowers. (via A Beautiful Mess)

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