Ding dong! They’re here. Those special guests you’ve been waiting for. Your bathroom is clean, your coffee cake made and your laundry hidden in your closet. But is your guest room ready? Here are 25 ideas to help you put together a guest room that will relax, refresh and rejuvenate your guests. Fair warning: Your guest might love your space so much, they might never go home. (Yikes!)

1. Lots of Light: Whether your guest room is big or small, plenty of light is important. Sunshine is good for the soul but if there happen to be no windows, a few well placed lamps will do just fine. (via New Zealand Design Blog)

2. Geo Rug: Bring some lively color to your guest room with a geo rug. It’s big, bold and beautiful. (via Planet Deco)

3. Mixing Patterns: If you were ever hesitant to mix your patterns, don’t be. It’s a good idea. All those bright colors are sure to make your guest smile. (via The Home Magazine)

4. Spotty Spread: In a neutral room, add a patterned bedspread for a pop of color. You can hardly go wrong with spots. (via My Scandinavian Home)

5. Guest Cart: Pamper your guests with a guest cart. Make sure to include all those essentials like linens, extra toothbrushes and, of course, chocolate. (via A Beautiful Mess)

6. Daybed: If your guest room doubles as your home office, try using a daybed instead of a full bed. It makes a comfy place for guests to sleep and a perfect reading nook for you in the meantime. (via Kim Michelini)

7. Accent Wall: Some of us have… well, a closet of a guest room. Add some interest with a brightly colored accent wall. (via Hus o Hem)

8. WiFi Password: Nowadays, no one travels light. At least not digitally speaking! With their smartphones, laptops and tablets in tow, they’ll need WiFi access ASAP. Have your password ready and available for use. And displayed oh-so-cutely! (via Tater Tots and Jell-O)

9. DIY Plywood Headboard: This headboard has such warm and awesome vibes. And the best part is, it’s a super simple DIY! (via Apartment 34)

10. Suitcase Side Table: Showcase your vintage suitcases as a fun quirky side table, a perfect guest room addition for your wanderlust-prone visitors. (via Refresh Restyle)

11. Fresh Flowers: Roses are red, violets are blue, we love flowers and your guests do, too. Putting some freshly cut blooms in your guest room will show how much you care for the occupant. (via The Every Girl)

12. Creative Lighting: Who says lamps have to be boring! Pick some creative side table lamps that can double for functionality and art. (via HGTV)

13. Extra Pillows: Plenty of extra pillows will ensure that your visitor is as comfortable as possible. But instead of stashing them away in the closet, store them openly in a pretty basket or tote. (via Home Sense)

14. End to End: Get creative with your twin beds and place them end to end instead of side by side so that all of the jet setters have a window seat. (via Home Bunch)

15. Wallpaper It: Yes, wallpaper is in and we can’t go without putting it in the guest room too. Patterned walls just take things to a whole new level. (via HGTV)

16. Pallet Signs: Whether you buy or DIY, the country comfort of a pallet sign will be a great addition to any guest room. (via Salt and Pepper Moms)

17. Black and White: Maybe you’d rather go clean and minimal rather than shabby chic. In that case, black and white is a combo that says, “Hello beautiful.” (via Camille Styles)

18. Shelf Headboard: Using a simple shelf for a headboard says versatility. Pretty it up with prints, pictures or even holiday decor. (via Shelving Ideas)

19. Desk Space: If you have the room, don’t forget to provide a little space for your visitors to spread out their makeup brushes and set up their laptop. A desk with a view is an even better perk. (via Etsy)

20. Blanket Storage: Stack ’em high and stack ’em bright. Make sure your guests have plenty of blankets to keep them snug. (via Bloesom Living)

21. Bunk Beds: Bunk beds are a cozy solution to a small guest room. And check out that extra storage underneath! (via Handmade Charlotte)

22. Colorful Sheets: Putting some colorful sheets on the bed is like finding the extra French fry at the bottom of the bag — surprising and somehow fun. (via The Fab Guide)

23. More Than Two: If you can easily accommodate two twin beds in your guest room, why not three!? The more the merrier, right? (via Home Edit)

24. Reading Material: For some bedtime entertainment, provide magazines or books to help your guests relax. (via House Tweaking)

25. Holiday Cheer: If you’re going to have guests for the holidays, don’t forget to decorate their room! Puppies not included… or maybe they are? Mwahaha. (via BHG)

What is your favorite guest room tip? Tell is in the comments below!