Mmmm… the smell of turkey cooking away in the oven has everyone drooling. Except for you, that is. You’ve got 24/7 morning (more like all-day) sickness. And it’s making those roasting, toasting, baking holiday meals turn your tummy upside down. Before skipping out on Great Aunt Ethel’s legendary spread or hiding in the car to avoid those oh-so-overpowering scents, check out these tips for dealing with morning sickness during the holidays.

Pregnant women preparing food

1. Don’t wait. The turkey still has two more hours to cook (and that’s not even counting how long it has to cool down before Grandpa carves it). Eating smaller meals more often can cut down on the queasy feeling. Having to wait, and wait and wait to eat is kind of the opposite idea. If you ate lunch at noon and dinner isn’t going to be on the table until sometime after sunset, make sure to have a snack (or a few) in between.

2. Eat mini meals. Speaking of having a snack or two, there’s no reason to stuff yourself with turkey, potatoes, biscuits and that crispy onion green bean casserole. Instead of having a holiday dinner, turn it into a snack. Cut your portions in half (or less). Keep in mind, you can always go back later and heat up leftovers for a late-night snack!

3. Take a pass on cooking. You’re the queen of the kitchen — at least in your house. But, now that 95 percent of the foods you need to prep for your holiday meal make your stomach do flips, you might want to hand over your crown. If some smells aren’t going over well with you, ask your spouse, a family member or even a friend to do the cooking. This doesn’t mean you need to give up hosting. Go ahead and open your kitchen up to that special loved one who wants to help out.

4. Be bland. The Top Chef-worthy mélange of spices that your mom is stirring into the sweet potato casserole probably won’t make your morning sickness any better. Bland foods often go over better when your tummy is turning. Leave the high-spice, high-fat items behind, and opt for plain turkey (sans the heavy gravy), a baked potato and toast. No, it’s not the most festive holiday meal you’ll ever have, but it won’t make you run out of the room.

5. Stay seated. Ah, that tryptophan coma. You’re ready to relax and take a snooze. But, wait! Stretching out on the couch may seem like a good idea, but it can actually make you feel even more nauseated. Stay sitting upright after your meal. That doesn’t mean you can’t curl up and take a nap a half hour or so after you eat. Your body will tell you just how long you have to wait in order to keep the morning sickness away.

6. Stay cool. The weather outside is frightful, and the fire is, well, it’s not delightful. It’s making you feel like you’re in a sauna. Not only are you sweating in places you never knew existed, but you’re feeling sicker than you did before the heat turned way up. While you don’t have to head out into the snow, staying cool may keep the rocky feeling to a minimum. Dress in layers (you can slide that chunky sweater off when Grandma cranks the heat up to desert level), or turn the thermostat down.

7. Make time for tea. Okay, so you can’t have a steaming cup of after-dinner coffee, but you can have tea. Make that ginger tea. Tea made with real ginger root (faux flavors won’t do the trick) may calm your nausea the natural way.

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