Now that you’ve stocked up at Whole Foods, it’s time to discover the beauty magic at another one of our favorite grocery stores. Who would have thought that you could find cookie butter and coconut body butter in the same aisle? Grab your grocery totes and get on to Trader Joe’s!

all in one facial cleanser

1. Nourish All-in-One Facial Cleanser ($11): Cut down on your morning routine and consider this amazing do-it-all cleanser. What, now you’ll actually have time for coffee? You’re welcome.

antioxidant facial serum

2. Antioxidant Facial Serum ($20): This baby’s packed with antioxidants and actual beads bursting with vitamin C. How can your skin (and you) say no to that?

coconut body butter

3. Coconut Body Butter ($10): Also available in pumpkin, this luxurious body butter is everything your skin wants and needs.

coconut oil

4. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil ($15): We’re crazy about coconut oil, and with good reason. Whether it’s for yummy coconut-flavored desserts or a DIY hair mask, coconut oil has quite the versatility.

enrich moisturizer

5. Enrich Moisturizing Face Lotion ($3): This two-in-one moisturizer and sunscreen is made non-comedogenic and fragrance free — perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.

green tea soap

6. Bisous De Provence Triple Milled Soap in Green Tea ($11): Also available in lavender and lemon verbena, this triple threat soap cleans, softens and moisturizes.

jojoba oil

7. Jojoba Oil ($13): If you’re looking for something that’ll reduce sebum, shrink pores and smooth skin, we’ve got just the thing. Use it on your face at night to wake up looking bright and fresh.

natural cleansing pads

8. Natural Facial Cleansing Pads With Tea Tree Oil ($10): Made with tea tree oil and witch hazel, these cleansing pads wipe away makeup and dirt, leaving your face fresh and smooth.

refresh body wash

9. Refresh Citrus Body Wash ($11): We love how this wash leaves us smelling like a floral bouquet and fruit basket smoothie. Even better? It’s packed with vitamin C and soothing chamomile to keep your skin well hydrated.

shaving cream

10. Moisturizing Shaving Cream ($10): This deliciously scented honey mango cream delivers moisture with aloe vera extract while ensuring an easy shave.

tea tree oil face wash

11. Face Wash With Tea Tree Oil ($11): Made out of tea tree oil, awapuhi, orange peel and lavender, this amazing wash both soothes and cleanses the face of all impurities.

tea tree oil

12. Tea Tree Oil ($9): Zap away your zits with this natural antiseptic. It’s also amazing for treating body bummers (fungal infections, athlete’s foot) and is a natural cure for bad breath.

Tea Tree Tingle Set

13. Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo and Conditioner ($12): Finally, some relief for itchy scalps. Treat your head and hair to this fresh and tingly blend of peppermint and soothing tea tree.

toms deodorant

14. Tom’s Deodorant ($4): If in doubt, go the natural route. Keep B.O. away with Tom’s aluminum-free deodorant, which, unlike other deodorants, relies on botanicals to provide freshness all day.

vitamin e oil

15. Vitamin E Oil ($11): Dry, flaky skin no more. Add a few drops into your bath or apply directly onto your skin as a thoroughly moisturizing, more natural lotion substitute.

Which of these beauty buys will you pick up? Let us know in the comments below!