When’s the last time you set aside a whole day to chillax and give your body the attention and care it deserves? We’re talking a head-to-toe treat yo’ self day, leaving nothing un-pampered. For way too many women, this doesn’t happen as often as it should. Yes, it’s true that beauty radiates from the outside in, but just as importantly, feeling good on the outside does wonders for our self-image.

Enough talk, it’s high time for a lil’ mind-body refresh. Queue up the Norah Jones, draw a bath and hit up the B+C Shop to mix and match the goodies from this roundup for a day that’s all about Y-O-U.


1. Lazy Pack ($80): What’s with lazy being a bad word nowadays? Setting aside some time for self-reflection brings out our very best selves, and this kit has everything you need to kick off your me-day, with a soy candle, 3 essential oils, tray and mini notebook set.


2. Floral Butter ($32): We’ve had it up to here with skin care products that are scented with who-knows-what artificial ingredients that end up irritating skin. Throw those out and try this all-natural botanical body butter, scented with actual oils of sunflower, jasmine, rose and chamomile.


3. Rejuvenation Set ($42-60): Smoooooth away all the rough edges with all-natural juniper bath salts, cooling salve, lip balm and if you opt for the large set, a green tea clay facial mask. When you get ready for a refill on the lip balm, we’ve got your back with a tingly peppermint flavor to try next.


4. Bio Luxe Body Oil ($46): A few drops is all you need as you’re stepping out of the shower or the tub to unleash the benefits of body oil for your skin, including toning, relaxing and reduction of cellulite.


5. Renew Organic Bath Salts ($20): Imagine rose petals floating atop the surface of your bath while rose-scented vapors steam the sides of the wine glass in your hand. These bath salts are the stuff of dreams.


6. Clay Mask ($16): Fig + Yarrow understands that not all skin is created equal, and their clay mask bar has something that’s just right for every skin type. Infused with essential oils, these masks will hydrate while treating you to the tingly goodness.


7. Cleansing Rose Grapefruit Face Oil ($20): Jen Gotch, the #girlboss of ban.do, swears by rosewater face spray to make her feel invincible. This face oil takes it a step further, moisturizing and cleansing at the same time.


8. Citrus + Vanilla Sugar Scrub ($18): Give your skin some sugar! This sweet and warming blend of ingredients is your recipe for baby-soft skin.


9. Peppermint Foot Balm ($14): Generally speaking, the feet need more intensive moisture than the rest of the body, and those heavy creams leave our hands feeling greasy. This foot balm comes in a twist tube to make it easy to apply to the feet and leave ’em smelling sweet.


10. Fresh Scented Bath + Body Oil ($11-43): You can tell a good oil when the ingredients are just oil and nothing else. You can trust you’re getting pure hydration with this soothing blend of all-natural oils of pine, orange flower and bergamot peel. Add a few drops of this oil to a warm bath or rub into your skin as you’re getting out of the shower for a much more aromatic and natural alternative to lotion.


11. Aromatherapy Soap Set ($30): Three soaps to put your mind, body and spirit in a state of total relaxation.


12. Wild Threesome Chocolate Bars ($25): Introducing the trifecta of chocolatey delicousness. Read up on the health benefits of eating chocolate if you need further convincing.


13. Lip Scrub ($9): It’s easy to forget that our lips need special care until they’re chapping or cracking from harsh elements like winter wind. Weird but true: lips shed skin cells, too. Luckily, it’s easy to keep lips supple year-round by exfoliating with scrubs like this one.


14. Coffee First Scrub ($18): The power of coffee to get the blood pumping and deliver an instant perk-up goes beyond the a.m. cup; turns out the world’s favorite bean has the same effect on your skin when applied in an exfoliating and hydrating sugar scrub. (image via Perk Naturals)


15. Himalayan Pink Salt Bath Soak ($15): Soaking in Himalayan Pink Salt is said to detoxify the body and restore a healthy pH balance and strength to the skin. To you, that means soft skin, happy muscles and less stress.


16. Belle Epoque Nail Polish ($18): There are few things as confidence-boosting as a fresh coat of nail polish and these colors have got it goin’ on. Bonus: it’s also a nail-strengthening polish and free of all the bad -ates and -aldehydes.


17. Restore Hair Oil ($15): Adding oil to our hair seems to go against our better judgement, but it’s actually been done for ages to give back the moisture you’ve been stealing from your strands by styling. This formula feels weightless while protecting hair and leaving it shinier and healthier.


18. Muscle Bath Soak ($15): Overdid it at the gym? Turn your bath green with this muscle soak to ease away the aches and pains.

Which of these products do you swear by? Let us know in the comments below.