An old trunk does many amazing things: It can bring a vintage, well-traveled look to the room, it doubles as extra storage and you can use the flat top as any sort of table. Another bonus is that you can easily find a cool trunk for fairly cheap at a flea market or antique shop. The aged leather and wood brings character and a charming element, but if it’s too beat up or you don’t want the vintage look, you can refresh it with a new paint job in a fun color. From coffee tables to home bars, here are 15 of our favorite ways to decorate with trunks.

1. Striped Trunk: Vintage is great, but if you want something a little more modern, why not update the trunk with a fresh new color palette? (via Infarrantly Creative)

2. Living Room Storage: The rustic elements of this trunk still fit in perfectly with a neutral color palette. Plus you can always store throw blankets or seasonal decorations inside the chest. (via Apartment Therapy)

3. Night Stand: A miniature trunk is a great alternative to a bedside table, and if you want to give it some extra height, just add legs. You can also use the trunk to store extra linens or other things you don’t need to access often. (via Infarrantly Creative)

4. Low Table: Set up a trunk instead of a console table and pile on the books and photos for a fun, eclectic look. A chest will be a great conversation piece, so don’t be surprised when all your guests want to know what’s hiding inside. (via Lonny)

5. Touch of Old School: Set up a cute display with a stack of trunks in an unused corner of the room. Just pile on a few of your favorite decor pieces and you’ll be good to go. (via My Domaine)

6. Gilded Trunk: Gold accents make this trunk a little bit more glam than the antique ones. The addition of wheels also helps with moving it around the room, no matter how heavy it gets. (via The Everygirl)

7. Bar Cart Trunk: Bar carts are so over. Okay, maybe not, but isn’t a trunk tray table a much more unique way to show off your pretty alcohol collection? (via My Sweet Savannah)

8. Trunk Side Table: Adding a hard wood top to an antique trunk will create a more stable surface to set things on and make the trunk look more like a piece of furniture. (via Bre Purposed)

9. Coffee Table: Even in a small living room, a big trunk can make a statement and offer plenty of storage. (via Apartment Therapy)

10. Stack Them Up: When it comes to trunks, the more you have, the better it looks, especially when you have a whole stack of them. While maybe not the most practical bedside table, these trunks can definitely be used as storage. (via My Domaine)

11. Entryway Storage: Why not give your purse its own dedicated perch with a little trunk right by the front door? You might as well make it gold while you’re at it. (via The Everygirl)

12. TV Stand: Forget the boring stand and go for a much more trendy chest to display your TV. It also works well to have a little more surface area to decorate around the TV. We’re thinking little knick-knacks and a plant or two. (via Only Deco Love)

13. DIY Trunk Office: Instead of just tossing and forgetting, use the inside of your trunk for a more organized purpose with some file storage. Consider it a home office in a trunk. (via PB&J Stories)

14. DIY Pet Bed: Depending on the size of your trunk, you could turn this into a dog bed or a small perch for kitty. Paint it, cover it with fabric or fill it with faux fur. Whatever you do, have fun with making this the most unique pet bed ever. (via Camille Styles)

15. Outdoor Space: Depending on how attached you are to your trunk or how much rain you get, you could use it in your outside space as a table or a place to keep your cushions and outdoor decor out of the weather. (via Apartment Therapy)

How do you decorate with trunks? Talk to us in the comments below!