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13 Brilliant DIY Organization Hacks

Here are 13 brilliant ways to repurpose, sort, store, and tidy, all in the name of organization.

Organization and Cleaning

How to Make a Festive 4th of July Kite Garland

Isn’t there just something romantic and nostalgic about kites? Maybe it brings back memories of summer, time spent with family, a first date, or the adorable song “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” from Marry Poppins. With those warm, relaxed thought in our minds, kites became the inspiration for our 4th of July party!

Home DIY

How to Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk

Wondering what to take as a hostess gift to that 4th of July party you’re attending? Or wondering how to entertain the kids during 4th of July day until it’s time to light fireworks? Maybe you want that special something to take your chalkboard trays to the next level at your own 4th of July Party? We have you covered on all 3 bases! And its so easy and cheap to make – patriotic star shaped sidewalk chalk!

Home DIY

How to Create Wire Word Wall Art

Do you have a favorite motto on mantra you try to live by? Us too! After a trip to the hardware store, we came up with making some of our favorites into wall art using…electrical wire. It might seem a bit crazy, but the results literally speak for themselves. Read on to learn how to make your own words of wisdom wall art out of wire.

Home DIY

DIY Basics: 3 Easy Ways to Add Type to Pillows

Personalization and customization are all the rage these days; we just don’t want something that everyone else has. We want something special, unique, handmade, just for us. But sometimes can be pricey to get! However, you don’t have to dish out big bucks or big chunks of time to make your pillows your own if you follow any of these 3 easy ways below.

Home DIY

3 Ways to Make Adorable Tea Cookies!

As a very famous Mad Hatter once said, “It’s always tea time.” And here at Brit HQ, that is certainly true! We are tea fanatics and love brewing all the crazy (and classic) flavors and using the latest tea brewing gadgets.


7 Festive Ways to Decorate Balloons

Nothing says party like balloons, and we love to have parties to celebrate any and all occasions. So it only seemed natural that we would do some experimenting to find easy ways to decorate our balloons to make them even more festive and fun. We love to repurpose them, light them up, put them on stemware, and now we love to decorate them in 7 different ways!


Use Lace and Concrete to Make Bookends, Planters, and Votives

Who says lace week has to be all about wearable loveliness? By combining the industrial look of concrete with lace, we came up with a few different ways to add lace concrete vases, planters, and votives to your home. Read on to find out how!

Home DIY

How to Make a Wooden Chandelier

After showing you our favorite DIY chandeliers from the web, were you as inspired to make one as we were? We wanted a chic chandelier but didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars to buy one, or spend days threading thousands of beads to make one…..what to do, what to do? Create a chandelier hack of course!

Home DIY

An Easy Way to Make Modern Wood Vases

Wood is often left in it’s natural state or carved into a rustic design, but we wanted to find a way to use it that was a bit more modern, and a little, ahem, edgier. Hence our mission this week to discover new ways to incorporate this gorgeous material into your life, and we think these modern wooden vases fit the bill. Forget about needing a bandsaw and a crazy drill to make a vase out of wood – all you need is a square glass vase and wood veneer sheets to make the vases you see here. Read on to find out how!

Home DIY

Make Pretty Patterned Wooden Magnets in Minutes!

Fact: wood will always be in style. This material is just naturally beautiful and always looks good no matter what style it’s incorporated into. Depending on how its treated and what it’s paired with, it can be made to look modern, rustic, classic, contemporary, fresh, and if done right – hip and stylish! Don’t believe us? Read on, our friends!

Home DIY

15 Savory Dips for Memorial Day

With barbecue season comes all those yummy starters and sides that play a supporting role to your trusty grill. Nothing says party like dip, right? All 15 of these unique and memorable dip recipes are sure to be a crowd pleaser at whatever fete, big or small, you plan on going to or throwing this Memorial Day.