Uniqlo is a Japanese brand, but they’re doing a pretty great job of helping us pretend like we spend our days wandering along the Seine and chowing down on croissants. The company announced back in April that they’ll be releasing a line with French style icon Carine Roitfeld in the fall, and now they’re also teaming up with fashion industry veteran Christophe Lemaire for yet another autumn line with Parisian influence.


The collection, set to launch this October, is packed full of basics that give off a definite cool-girl vibe. Think: classic cashmere knits, chunky scarves, a stunning red midi dress and crisp, structured outerwear. While a full lookbook has yet to be released, they have offered a few images (mostly featured in this post) that give us a pretty good idea of what we can expect from the pieces. The line will range in price from $25 for cut and sewn goods to $200 for outerwear.

If you’re currently unfamiliar with Lemaire, here’s a bit of background: he worked as the artistic director of womenswear at French luxury label Hermès until 2014. Since then, he’s gone on to launch his own line (which is aptly called Lemaire) with the help of designer Sarah-Linh Tran. Much like the Uniqlo collaboration, the runway looks are minimal, sleek and super flattering.


While chatting about the upcoming collection, Lemaire told Style.com, “They’re comfortable clothes, warm, very comfy, but chic enough to go out in.” Oh, boy, if that’s not our dream wardrobe described in a single sentence, we’re not sure what is.

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(Photos via Uniqlo)