So your friends just got married. The wedding was EPIC and now you need to get that gift and/or card in the mail. If you find yourself staring blankly in the greeting-card aisle feeling uninspired, or are just plain sick of those boring floral or wedding cake designs, know that there are other options. That鈥檚 right 鈥 with all the amazing artists and letter-press gurus out there, weddings cards don鈥檛 have to be boring! Check out these finds for some memorable, colorful wedding cards for your fave couple.

1. Wedding Send-Off ($5): We adore everything about this. From the veil to the birds to that color scheme, this card is utter perfection. It鈥檚 also a great size to place money or a gift card inside.

2. To Have, To Hold, To Like Wedding Card ($5): This generation-appropriate card says it all, and has lots of room inside to say a little something extra.

3. Happy Wedding Day Card ($5): Get the usual 鈥淐ongrats鈥 and 鈥淗appy Wedding Day鈥 out of the way and say what you really want on the inside.

4. Mr. & Mr. ($5): Cute, bright and colorful, this streamer- and confetti-inspired card is definitely a stand-out option.

5. Finally! ($5): What we鈥檙e all really thinking. This card is printed on recycled stock and is blank on the inside, leaving plenty of room to really congratulate the newlyweds.

6. Hers Towel Set ($6): Nothing says marriage more than matching linens and towels. Send this off to your fave couple for a cute spin on a classic.

7. Motel Sign Congrats ($5): We鈥檙e loving the bold colors and retro feel of this card. It鈥檚 definitely one to remember, and is perfect for any couple.

8. Tying the Knot ($5): We totally love the simplicity of this card. Leave a personal note on the inside or maybe some cash. Either way, this card will guarantee smiles!

9. Plato Card ($6): We鈥檙e not sure what we love more here, the beautiful quote or that stunning copper-foil lettering. This card is sure to be a hit with the newly hitched couple.

10. 鈥淗appy Wedding Day鈥 Note Card ($5): This isn鈥檛 just a simple wedding cake 鈥 it鈥檚 colorful, fun and festive. It鈥檒l be great for the beach-lovin鈥 couple in your life.

11. Wedding Arbor Pop-Out Card ($8): Who doesn鈥檛 love pop-outs? This gorgeous card also has plenty of room to write a personal message.

12. Mr. & Mr. Congrats ($4): This card is perfection, complete with hand-drawn bow ties.

13. Elvis Congrats Very Much ($20 for 5): Talk about clever. And that bright envelope will definitely separate it from the rest.

14. Together Forever Banner ($6): Definitely not your typical wedding card, this banner-inspired design, with its fun color scheme, is one that every couple will remember.

15. Match Made in Heaven ($5): Isn鈥檛 this card darling? From that smiling crescent right down to the couple holding hands, this card is cute with a capital 鈥淐.鈥

16. Happily Watercolor ($5): Show a little love in watercolor with this gorgeous card. It could even make for a pretty, framable piece of art for them to hang up.

Which one would you purchase for your favorite couple? Tell us in the comments below!