Let鈥檚 be real 鈥 the show Bananas in Pyjamas is pretty bizarre. I mean, I love bananas and I definitely love pajamas, so I guess I like them together鈥? Regardless of their bizarre-ness, they鈥檙e ingrained in my (and most of Brit + Co鈥檚) childhood memories. This Halloween, we鈥檙e bringing them back! This BFF couples costume is hilarious, awesome and easy to make. Marisa and I COULD NOT STOP laughing when we put them on. Trust us, you will be a hit at your next Halloween party with this costume.


First things first, I bought two banana suits, two sets of white pajamas and two pairs of white sneakers from Amazon. I painted the middle part of the sneakers yellow with fabric paint. I laid down strips of painter鈥檚 tape on the white pajamas and sprayed the front and back of the jammies with blue fabric spray paint. When the paint dried, I peeled off the tape and cut off any lace trimmings on the pajamas. I cut out 鈥淏1鈥 and 鈥淏2鈥 in blue felt and attached them to the collars with fabric glue.


The banana suit is totally something you can (and should!) wear more than once. When you don your banana, fold the bottom half inside the top half so you can easily pull on the pajama bottoms. It鈥檚 also less bulky this way.


Bananas in pyjamas are coming down the stairs!


Levitating bananas.


Oh hey, we found a friend!


Banana gang.

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DIY Production + Styling: Irene Lee

Models: Marisa Kumtong and Irene Lee

Photography: Kurt Andre