Vanity Fair responds to the Angelina Jolie controversy and Chris Harrison shares details on how BIP will handle the season four scandal in this morning鈥檚 top news stories. Check out those and more below in the Morning Buzz.

1. Vanity Fair responded to the Angelina Jolie casting controversy. The magazine is standing behind its account of the casting 鈥済ames鈥 for Jolie鈥檚 Cambodian-set First They Killed My Father, after she claimed the magazine鈥檚 story was 鈥渇alse and upsetting.鈥 In an article about her comments, the magazine wrote: 鈥V.F. reviewed the transcript and audiotape of Peretz鈥檚 interview with Jolie for the story. After reviewing the audiotape, V.F. stands by Peretz鈥檚 story as published.鈥 Included in their statement is a written transcription of the portion of the interview from which the anecdote was taken. Read it for yourself in full right over here. (Photo via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty)

2. Bachelor in Paradise will air some of the footage filmed before the now-cleared misconduct allegations. Host Chris Harrison told EW that the scandal that saw production on the show shut down for a short period will be addressed as soon as the new season starts on August 14. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e going to see more than enough to show you what was happening that led up to the shutdown, within certain taste and values of what we can show on network TV,鈥 Harrison said. He explained that a lot of footage, including dates and people falling in love, had already been filmed in the lead-up to the incident and that it would not be fair to the entire story of the season to simply cut it out and start fresh when the show resumed filming. 鈥淚 think people have this preconceived notion of what it was like and what was going on and really the only way to prove anything or show you anything is to all watch it and you can judge for yourself.鈥 The show will not air footage of the incident that prompted the allegations, however. (h/t EW; photo via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty)

3. Milo Ventimiglia wants to remind people that Jack Pearson isn鈥檛 real. Ventimiglia鈥檚 This Is Us character 鈥 who we鈥檙e slowly getting more season two details on 鈥 is an audience favorite on the show, and the actor is well aware of his sex-symbol status. But he wants to be very clear about fantasy vs. real life. 鈥淧eople are like, 鈥楳an, I wish my husband were more like Jack.鈥 鈥楳an, I wish my boyfriend would do the things that Jack would do,'鈥 he told ET. 鈥淚鈥檓 like, 鈥楯ack鈥檚 not real. The dude standing in front of you is real and he鈥檚 probably sitting down watching the show with you, so therefore, give your dude some love.鈥欌 (h/t ET; photo via Astrid Stawiarz/Getty)


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4. Shay Mitchell is totally teasing us with what she said about a Pretty Little Liars reunion and spinoff. The PLL finale aired just over a month ago, but Mitchell is already picturing her return to Rosewood. 鈥淚 just watched Sex and the City recently, the movie, and I think it鈥檇 be awesome [in] five, 10 years, [if] we get together and do a Golden Girls episode of PLL,鈥 she told Elite Daily. As for rumors that a spinoff might be in the works, Mitchell would neither confirm nor deny.. 鈥淵ou never know! You never know what could happen,鈥 she teased. 鈥淎nything could happen in Rosewood, as I say. But yeah, I think that would be really fun.鈥 Eeee! (h/t Elite Daily)

5.The Ta-Ta Towel is here to save you from boob sweat and people have FEELINGS. Imagine a small towel that you sling over your neck, pull down around your chest, and use to support the girls while keeping them dry. Is it a bra? Is it a halter? Nope, it鈥檚 a ta-ta towel, invented by a woman who says she couldn鈥檛 stop sweating while getting ready for a first date. 鈥淚 tried everything: I tucked wash cloths under my breasts, I tried dumping baby powder all over me, I even put a T-shirt on and tucked it under my boobs,鈥 says Erin Robertson on the product鈥檚 blog. Enter the ta-ta towel. She started making them for her friends, and now, social media is losing its mind over the ingenious invention. 鈥淭hese #Tatatowels may sound like a joke but honestly, this is something I can 100% get behind,鈥 one Twitter user wrote. Simple, effective 鈥 we鈥檒l take 10! (h/t Teen Vogue)

6. Quote of the day: 鈥淭he best way to predict the future is to invent it.鈥 鈥 Alan Kay

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