Morning routines are *important*. But when you are battling for countertop space to spread out your makeup — all before that cup of morning joe — they can get a bit too hectic. Even if you’re fortunate enough to have your own big bathroom, having a designated vanity space just makes a girl feel complete. The 21 vanities below have everything you need to store your beauty supplies and get the best lighting. With some buy and DIY options in there, you can get your morning routine off to a good start in no time. The toughest part will be trying to decide where to put it!


1. Mint Madness: Pastels are in vogue, and there is a big reason why. They’re enough to add a twist to your room without being overbearing, and neutrals pair so well with the refreshing shade. Between the gold-accented mint desk and wide-rimmed mirror, this look is simple yet classy. (via Love Grows Wild)


2. Where Modern Meets Vintage: Mirror, mirror on the wall — this vanity gallery might steal the fairest of them all. Combining a vintage-inspired upholstered seat with a modern vanity and wall hangings creates a dreamy atmosphere. Paintings, shadowboxes or framed letters — you name it, you can hang it. (via Better Homes & Gardens)


3. Timeless Elegance: Eclectic and comfortable: For two words you might not think to pair together, this vanity design meshes them seamlessly. A simple table accented with glass-bodied lamps and a gold-framed mirror add just the right touches of elegance without being over the top. (via Design Sponge)


4. Let There Be Light: Natural lighting does wonders for hair and makeup application. Set your vanity by a window so you have ideal lighting when primping in the morning. Splurge on a cozy, sophisticated chair in one of Pantone’s colors of the year, and you’ll finally feel like the true queen you are. All you need is some Pantone-inspired makeup to complete the look. (via Décor Pad)


5. Movie-Star Status: Glam up your mornings by turning a corner of your bedroom or walk-in closet into a prepping oasis. With all white features, this dressing and makeup station is modern and functional. Invest in great lighting so your makeup turns out flawless. (by Blog Lovin)


6. Mid-Century Modern: Throwing a bit of masculinity into a piece is a great idea to balance out a room. The combination of the sleek white shelf with the wooden table legs is perfect for a rustic and classic vibe. This DIY tutorial is also super easy to follow, so get to crafting! (via A New Bloom)


7. Bring on the Beauty ($100): Being organized in the A.M is crucial to starting your day off on the right foot. With this IKEA vanity, you’ll stay organized every day with your hair and makeup routine. The built-in storage areas are ideal to help remove clutter too.


8. Urban Outfitters Wire Loop Vanity ($159): Bring an earthy boho vibe to your beauty routine with this gorgeous wire-and-loop vanity table. Create storage with vintage tins, glass jars and a lucite vanity organizer to help reduce clutter.


9. Simplistic Glam: For a designated nook-turned-vanity, go minimal and pump up the glam. This white vanity top really pops with the accented gold Chiavari chair. Taking an unused space and flipping it for your vanity is an ideal use of an otherwise wasted area. (via The Everygirl)


10. Urban Outfitters Mila Vanity ($359): Clutter is a mood killer. With this mango wood vanity, you can keep your rustic chic look and organize all of your makeup in the deep drawer, keeping it out of the way so your tabletop looks chic and clean.


11. Ultimate Lux: This vanity design is one pulled right out of a dream. Although you may not be ready to drop several Benjamins on your vanity project, you can still create this look on a budget. Shop around at thrift stores to see what you can upcycle. (Photo via Cara Loren)


12. Make It New: If you can’t buy it, build it. That’s exactly what this interior designer did by utilizing this inset wall. Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles. These accented walls and large mirror are a great combination of styles and make the room feel larger than it really is. (via Stacy Cohen)


13. Transformations to Wow: If you’re okay with investing some elbow grease for your perfect vanity, you can take almost any drab desk and chair to life with an update look. If you can sand, paint and install new hardware pulls, you will be surprised at what you can create for a limited amount of money. (via Living Beautifully DIY)


14. Big Mirror? No Problem: Whether you live in an apartment where your landlord is paranoid about hanging anything or you already own a large floor mirror, put it to good use! Make sure it’s secured or propped firmly against the wall before sitting down at the vanity. (via Apartment Therapy)


15. Royal Blue Vintage Desk ($600): When the rest of the world is in shades of white and gray, don’t be afraid to bring in the burst of color. This vanity will liven up the room without creating clutter. Let the color do the talking!


16. Now You See It, Now You Don’t: The struggle for space in houses and apartments is real. But just because you’re short on room doesn’t mean you can’t have a vanity of your dreams. Create your own in a Murphy Desk. Your vanity is there when you want it and folds right up into an adorable chalkboard when you don’t. (via Shanty to Chic)


17. Pantone-Inspired Space Saver: If you’re a fan of bright, poppy colors, you’ll love this easy DIY vanity. The vanity portion is on wheels, so you can pull it wherever you need it for your morning routine. (via Vtwonen)


18. Embrace the Crafty Side: This vanity is completely handcrafted, right down to the hairpin legs it stands on: The mirror tucks away under the lift-up top, where you ca tuck your cosmetics and accessories away to eliminate clutter. Use this detailed guide to build your one-of-a-kind vanity for your room. (via Pneumatic Addict)


19. Storage Galore: Bring on the makeup and nail polish! Here is the perfect vanity set for any gal who loves her products. With drawers and smart storage, this vanity is ideal for someone who likes to stow everything away after the beauty routine is complete. (via The Glitter Guide)


20. Desk Upgrade: Paying an arm and a leg for a cute vanity table isn’t usually a priority. The good news is there is and always will be IKEA. If you can’t find or afford a vanity you love, take a desk to the next level by repurposing it as a vanity. A few coats of paint and some cute accessories will make you smile every morning as you get ready for the day. (via Shine Your Light)

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