Mirrors are an essential part of any bathroom or vanity. How else are you going to make sure you perfected the art of subtle contouring and achieved the perfect blowout? And while you may be stuck with a tiny, cramped excuse for a bathroom, that doesn’t mean you need to settle for humdrum mirrors, too. Add some glam to your pre-party routine with these 16 unique mirrors that are as gorgeous as the faces reflected in them.

1. Confetti Mirror: Confetti is one of those things that looks better the messier it is, as proven by this DIY mirror. Go confetti crazy, we know you want to. (via Aunt Peaches)

2. Modern Sunburst Mirror: Not for the amateur DIYer, as this project involves a fair amount of work. But the end result of a gilded, modern sunburst mirror is totally worth the blood, sweat and tears. (via Little Green Notebook)

3. Monte Mirrors ($99): Escape from the ordinary, without going too crazy, with these uniquely shaped mirrors. Buy one, two or all three shapes (and ensure you’re never fighting over mirror space with your roommate).

4. Sailor’s Mirror: This sailor’s mirror is perfect for a nautical bathroom. Use buttery leather as a hanger to make the simplest of mirrors look sophisticated. (via View From the Fridge)

5. Bianca Green Chevron Flora 2 Quatrefoil Mirror ($99 and up): Mixing prints is a favorite for the colorful loving peeps we are and this mismatched mirror combines floral and everyone’s favorite chevron in the best way.

6. Geo-Tile Vanity Mirror ($68): Remember when we told you about our love for geo prints? Yeah, we’re still obsessed! This tiled mirror is the perfect way to add some old-school charm to your vanity.

7. Plastic Spoon Mirror Tutorial: This DIY is beyond genius! All it takes is a bunch of spoons to make a mirror that looks chic and expensive. (via Little Things Bring Smiles)

8. Clothespin Mirror: We continue to be blown away by what you can create with simple household objects. It’s hard to believe this ombre mirror was made using clothespins! (via Better Homes and Gardens)

9. Faceted Mirror ($129): This deco-inspired piece is guaranteed to make you look good from all angles!

10. Gold Branch Mirror: How awesome would this looking hanging in your bathroom? The branches give it a rustic, earthy look while the gold finish keeps it looking fancy. (via Hirondelle Rustique)

11. Watercolor Vintage Peonies ($99): This baroque mirror reminds us of a fairytale. The ornate shape has a Maleficent-esque feel to it, but the muted watercolor painting keeps it light and fresh.

12. Frosted Glass Doily Mirror: Doilies used to be reminiscent of your grandmother’s kitchen table, but these days this delicate lace pattern has found new life thanks to our fellow DIYers. (via Paper + Stitch)

13. Mosaicworks Glass Tile Rainbow Mirror: If we had to describe this mirror in one word, it would be breathtaking! As if the rainbow colors weren’t enough, the tiny pieces of glass used to create the mosaic catch the light and give the perfect subtle sparkle. (via Pretty Handy Girl)

14. Starburst Mirror: Starburst and sunburst-shaped mirrors are always classics that never go out of style. Paint it in metallic colors to keep with the celestial theme and brighten up your vanity space. (via A Beautiful Mess)

15. Amethyst Mirror: Gems are always a win in our book, and we’re in love with this amethyst-adorned mirror! The crystals add a cool textured element and the color screams royalty. (via Design Love Fest)

16. Plum and Bow Ribbon Rattan Mirror ($30): Rattan is usually saved for outdoor furniture, but why not take a chance and hang this one in your bathroom? The pastel rainbow shades have a hippie-vibe that is bound to liven up your mood first thing in the morning.

Which of these gorgeous mirrors are you excited to have hanging in your home? Let us know below!