Whether you follow a vegan diet year-round or took on Beyonce’s challenge this month, let this collection of 20 plant-based recipes be your guide for planning an outstanding Thanksgiving meal. Featuring both hearty main courses and indulgent desserts, even your meat-eating guests will fawn over your feast. Even better: Each recipe can be whipped up with ease by well-seasoned and newly minted vegan chefs alike!

Main Courses

1. Herbed Seitan Vol-Au-Vents: Don’t be put off by the fancy name. Instead, think of these beauts as elegant pot pies baked in flaky puff pastry shells. (via May I Have That Recipe)

2. 15-Minute Brussels Sprouts Tempeh Stir Fry: A generous helping of meaty-yet-meat-free tempeh transforms this Brussels sprouts stir fry into a hearty meal in minutes… just 15 minutes, to be exact. (via In Pursuit of More)

3. Maple Hazelnut-Crusted Tempeh Cutlets: A maple-syrup-laced sweet and savory sauce infuses tempeh with a ton of flavor before it’s coated in a crispy hazelnut crust. Talk about a terrific turkey alternative. (via Keepin’ It Kind)

4. Baked Pumpkin with Tofu and Kale: Loaded with gorgeous color, this well-seasoned selection of cool weather produce and tofu will turn heads. Serve it atop a pile of fluffy steamed quinoa or your fave grain to make the meal complete. (via Oh, Ladycakes)

5. Stuffed Thanksgiving Burger: These homemade veggie burgers have Thanksgiving written all over them, but they may very well end up in your year-round dinner rotation. (via The Post Punk Kitchen)

6. Nutty Curry Stuffed Squash: Vegans and omnivores alike will enjoy these spiced, personal-sized squash. Packed with an assortment of filling grains and nuts, they’re a superb holiday centerpiece. (via Robin Asbell)

7. Holiday Roast With Caramelized Onions and Cherries: Don’t just settle for an unembellished, ho-hum tofu roast. Be sure to doll it up with this sweet-tart glaze that’s sure to impress. (via Tofurky)

8. Baked Pumpkin Ravioli With Rubbed Sage Cream: Totally-from-scratch ravioli enrobed in an herbal cashew cream is definitely worthy of this year’s Thanksgiving table. (via Olives for Dinner)

9. Kale-Quinoa Stuffed Sweet Potatoes: Loaded baked potatoes may be a more casual main dish option, but the kale, quinoa and sliced almonds offer a certain amount of elegance to this oh-so-tasty sweet potato. (via Spinach for Breakfast)

10. Lentil Shepherd’s Pie With Parsnip and Potato Mash: Relieve your day-of holiday workload by breaking the prep for this casserole over a couple days. A word to the wise: You may want to double the parsnip-potato mash to be safe — it has a tendency to attract spoons… (via Food52)


11. Nutty Apple Tarts (Gluten-Free): The bright colors and artfully arranged fruit featured atop this nutty tart will have folks clamoring for a slice. (via Family Fresh Cooking)

12. Cranberry Chocolate Breakfast Cake: We love that this cake can be enjoyed for both breakfast and dessert. (via The Pancake Princess)

13. Pecan Pie: Each slice of this pecan pie will tantalize the tastebuds without the usual sugar and butter overload. Dates, maple syrup and a whole lotta various nuts are your baking BFFs here. (via Deliciously Ella)

14. Raw Pumpkin Cheesecake: Oven space is often in short supply during the holiday season, so it’s especially nice having a few no-bake desserts to fall back on. This cheesecake gets its luscious texture from cashews and a plume of whipped coconut cream on top. (via The Cake Merchant)

15. Apple Oat Crumble: Enjoy this crumble as a quick and easy alternative to pie. Simply swap out the apples with pears for a whole new experience. (via A House in the Hills)

16. Chocolate Pumpkin Pecan Fudge: What’s not to love about a dessert that manages to pack the best of both pumpkin and pecan pie plus chocolate into one teeny square? (via Three Beans on a String)

17. Pumpkin Apple Cake With Apple Cider Glaze: Spiced pumpkin batter is studded with apples then drizzled with a sweet cider glaze to create a perfect-for-fall cake. (via Vegalicious)

18. Coffee Roasted Pumpkin Seed Snack Clusters: Serve up these clusters as a sweet, caffeinated treat at the end of your feast. (via Half Baked Harvest)

19. Mini Pumpkin Pies (Gluten-Free): After a large meal, just a touch of dessert is all you need. These bite-sized pies fit the bill perfectly. (via The Colorful Kitchen)

20. Pumpkin Panna Cotta: It’s hard to believe that this silky panna cotta is gelatin- and dairy-free. A sprinkle of pumpkin seed brittle on top lends an awesome textural contrast along with an extra boost of flavor. (via Lands and Flavors)

Are you planning to cook any vegan dishes this holiday season? A whole feast’s worth or just a few? Let’s share tips and tricks in the comments below!