When falafel’s done right, this Middle Eastern fave can compete with any plant-based protein out there, tofu and tempeh included. It’s fantastic in a wrap, and it can make for a real hearty and wholesome grain bowl. When you’re planning your next Meatless Monday dinner, keep these 14 swoon-worthy falafel recipes in mind.

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1. Beetroot and Smoked Paprika Falafel Pita Pockets: Some days you just need a pita. This hearty, wholesome and vibrant version is stuffed to the brim with flavor-packed falafel, crisp veggies and a smear of hummus to create a dreamy dinner option you’ll be craving on the reg. (via Anett Velsberg)

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2. Spicy Cauliflower Falafel With Beetroot Dip: Made with spelt flour and almond meal, these vegan cauliflower falafels are guaranteed to disappear quickly. Served with a stunning fuchsia beetroot dip and greens, it makes for a simple yet filling dinner. (via Cook Republic)

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3. Epic Quinoa Falafel Bowl: Bowl meals are trending, quinoa is hot and falafel is delicious. It only makes sense to bring these three things together and create one legendary dinner option that will sate your hunger and tickle your tastebuds. (via Sprinkle of Green)


4. Falafel Sliders With Spicy Yogurt, Mint and Sumac Onions: When it comes to veggie burgers, we’ve come to expect the usual black bean suspects — kinda good, but kinda boring. These robust falafel patties prove to be quite the game changer though, and they are tasty AF. (via My Name Is Yeh)

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5. Easy Falafel Waffle: What do you do when you’re craving a waffle and falafel? Why, you make a falafel waffle of course. It’s easy to whip together and can likely be ready quicker than you can say “falafel waffle” five times fast. (via Nutritional Foodie)

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6. Spicy Falafel Shakshuka: In case you haven’t figured it out yet, what with the lack of runny eggs and all, the above isn’t your average shakshuka. This recipe is for our vegan pals out there and boasts protein by including glorious balls of hearty falafel. (via Herban Yums)

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7. Falafel Scotch Eggs With Ginger and Verjuice Tahini: This genius concoction is further proof that vegetarians are on top of their game always. Here, perfectly cooked eggs are hugged in a falafel blend instead of the usual ground sausage of the UK classic. (via Dirty Kitchen Secrets)

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8. Buffalo Falafel Pitas With Garlic Blue Cheese Fries and Ranch Style Tzatziki: This stuffed pita brings so many crave-worthy elements to your dinner plate, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to live without it. (via Half Baked Harvest)

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9. Falafel Veggie Bowls With Tahini Dressing: Some days, we just crave a big honkin’ salad for dinner. That’s when this loaded bowl of nourishing goodness is a godsend. Spinach is topped with homemade falafel patties, veggies, seeds and more to fill you up and make you feel AH-mazing. (via Little Spice Jar)


10. Sweet Potato Falafel Burger: When you blend sweet potatoes into your falafel mix, you get the essence of a California burger, except this one is stuffed into a tasty pita. Vegan-friendly, this wholesome dinner option is high in protein and fiber. (via Dreamy Leaf)

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11. Easy Vegan Gluten Free Falafel With Tahini Sauce: Served over greens or stuffed into a wrap, these filling falafel patties will become a staple ingredient in your #MeatlessMonday rotation. They’re extremely versatile and, when drizzled with garlicky tahini sauce, they’re oh-so-delectable. (via Veggies Don’t Bite)

12. Turmeric Falafel Wraps and Wholegrain Spelt Tortillas: Turmeric brings a golden hue to bite-sized falafel while offering up an extra punch of nutrition. Complete with whole-grain spelt tortillas, these wraps are a nutritional dinner you don’t want to miss out on. (via Use Your Noodles)


13. Deep Dish Falafel Pizza: For the adventurous type who live by the mantra go big or go home, this one’s for you. This pizza brings you a thick falafel crust that is filled with a bright beetroot hummus, then topped with veggies and a tahini cheese sauce. (via Rainbow Nourishments)

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14. One-Pot Spaghetti and Vegan Meatballs: In case you had your doubts, there’s way more to falafel than stuffing it into a pita. Falafel makes for a fantastic vegetarian meatball, and this one-pot recipe is #MeatlessMonday perfection when it comes to hassle-free dinners. (via Happy Kitchen)

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