Okay, guys. We’ve seen some cool cameras in our days (even a coffee house shaped like a camera *loves*), but we’ve never seen a camera as stunningly simple to make as Viddy. Yes, that’s right, make.

The creators of Viddy refer to it as, “the world’s cutest DIY pinhole camera kit,” and we’re compelled to agree.

Viddy is a screen-printed do-it-yourself pinhole camera kit made from tough, durable recycled card. It accepts both medium format and 35mm film. This self-constructed camera is super cute and super simple.

It’s so simple to put together that it takes less than 30 minutes to do so. The proof is in the pudding… err video.

Each Viddy kit comes with everything you’ll need to complete the camera, including a reclaimed medium format spool, a precision laser-cut pinhole, a red light-proof window, split pins, a sticker sheet and clear illustrated instructions alongside an easy to follow how-to video. Plus, it comes in four colors — green, black, blue or red.

Viddy is available for pre-order on Kickstarter where the company has already smashed its campaign goal in less than a month in. You can get your own with a pledge of around $50. It should be noted that this project is based in the U.K., so there might be some additional shipping costs, which we have no doubt are totally worth it.

Tell us about the coolest camera you’ve ever seen in the comments section. Pics or it never happened.