Like their elusive bobby pin friends, earring backs seldom stick around for long. Whether they slid off mid-dance party or disappear with zero explanation, scrambling around to find a back somewhere in your room that fits is usually a fun (but actually not so fun) step of getting ready. But it looks as though one Twitter user may have just solve all our earring woes.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 4.31.27 PM

19-year-old Chelsea Smith shared a photo over the weekend after she discovered the plastic backs on her earrings were removable. She wrote, “After my nineteen years of living i have now realized that you are supposed to take the plastic part off.” Unbeknownst to Chelsea, her photo sparked a viral debate.

While many replied with responses like “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I WAS LIVING MY LIFE WRONG” others were adamant that the plastic is there for added support when rocking heavy earrings. One Twitter user wrote, “I can only wear post earrings if I leave that plastic on. The holes are stretched from years of heavy earrings.” Much like #thedress debacle, the verdict is still out on this very important issue. We say everyone should kiss and make up and replace all their earring backs with this genius product that locks your backing onto your ear.

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(Photo via Chelsea_Smith)