With Halloween drawing ever closer, it’s now or never to get your decorations and party supplies in order. If you pride yourself on your nifty crafting skills and want to save a pretty penny, consider this creative and budget-friendly idea to spruce up your space for the spooky holiday: washi tape! Use it to transform basic gift tags into mummified favor tags. Cut it into patterns for beautiful no-carve pumpkins. Step up traditional front door decorations with an impressive spiderweb display. Whether you’re preparing for a party or undertaking a haunted house makeover, check out these 19 creative washi tape ideas to inspire your own DIY.


1. DIY Mummy Gift Tags: Glam out basic gift tags by wrapping them in silver washi tape. They’re perfect for personalizing party favors or claiming wine glasses. (via White House Crafts)


2. DIY Halloween Cards: Send out Halloween party invitations with style. Simply cut out a spooky word or phrase in patterned washi tape and stick ’em onto blank cards. (via Omiyage Blogs)


3. DIY Halloween Washi Tape Feathers: Upgrade from everyday floral arrangements with these durable DIY feathers. All you need is washi tape, floral wire and scissors to create a super unique decoration. (via Ella and Annie)


4. DIY Washi Tape Drink Stirrers: Use assorted Halloween-patterned washi tape to create pennant flag drink stirrers. Replicate this party hack using toothpicks to make decorative toppers for your Halloween party food. (via Brit + Co)


5. DIY Washi Tape Halloween Mason Jars: These quick and easy monster jars are perfect for setting out utensils for a Halloween party. Use a black marker to draw on a spooky face. (via About a Mom)


6. DIY Cathrineholm Pumpkins: Inspired by mid-century enamelware from Cathrineholm, these no-carve jack-o’-lanterns are every bit as chic. Cut petal shapes out of black and orange washi tape and apply them to white pumpkins for Scandinavian style. (via Vitamini Handmade)


7. DIY Halloween Balloons With Black Electrical Tape: With this project, you won’t need to worry about your marker not being opaque enough for drawing onto balloons or getting Sharpie smears all over your palm. The original craft calls for cutting face shapes out of black electrical tape, but washi tape works just as well for these inflatable jack-o’-lanterns. (via Bird’s Party)


8. DIY Halloween Washi Magnet Clips: Transform your fridge into a Halloween art gallery with these DIY magnet clips. You can even skip the magnets and clip the clothespins onto string for an instant way to hang photos and other decor. (via Inside Bru Crew Life)


9. DIY Halloween Washi Tape Pumpkins: This dollar-store foam pumpkin gets quite the Halloween makeover without much effort. For a similar look on a real pumpkin, use chalk paint and washi tape. (via The Kolb Corner)


10. DIY Halloween Party Hats: Whether or not your friends decide to dress up for your soiree, they’ll definitely be in a festive mood when they get to your place and see these party hats. Stick to black, white and orange colors for a classic Halloween theme. (via DIY Network)


11. DIY Halloween Party Horns: Party horns are already a lot of fun. Make them even better by fancying them up with black, white and orange washi tape for that Halloween look. (via DIY Network)


12. DIY Halloween Goody Bags: Customize goody bags with pieces of washi tape laid out in wild strips and stripes. The imperfections will give your inexpensive cardstock bags a casually stylish air. (via Rosy Scription)


13. DIY Washi Tape Halloween Tic-Tac-Toe: Keep young party guests occupied with this classic game. Grab some washi tape and spider cutouts and you’ll have a Halloween-ready tic-tac-toe set in seconds! (via Crafts by Courtney)


14. DIY Spellbinding Pumpkins: Whip up this simple, chic fall centerpiece using mini pumpkins and black and orange decorations. Though the DIY calls for patterned ribbon, washi tape looks just as good, and you don’t need double-stick tape. (via Good Housekeeping)


15. DIY Washi Tape Spiderweb Front Door: Say goodbye to just adorning your front door with a predictable wreath. Use washi tape to create this unique front door display that’ll have all the trick-or-treaters oohing and aahing. (via Hometalk)


16. DIY Washi Tape + Printable Halloween Party Favors: Save money and time with these printable party favors. All you need to do is attach some dollar-store trinkets onto the white cardstock using patterned washi tape. (via A Pretty Cool Life)


17. DIY Halloween Party Invites With Washi Tape: No need for fancy graphics with this party hack. Jazz up your party invites with a Halloween-inspired bunting banner using patterned washi tape. (via Capitol Romance)


18. DIY Washi Tape Spiderweb: You only need one thing to create this impressive wall decal. You guessed it — washi tape! Duplicate this look by using black washi tape, or experiment with colorful patterns. (via Zakka Life)


19. Spiderweb Wall: For a little more dimension, add some spiders or even flies to your washi web decoration. The 3D touch will definitely make anyone’s skin *crawl.* (via Creative Juice)

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