You’ve gotten mobile email down pat, and you can hack your way through any Gmail situation. You have keyboard shortcuts that could dazzle anyone. You are an email #girlboss. But there’s something new you need to know about if you’ve ever sent an email that’s even slightly questionable or caused any friction in your office. Meet Watson Tone Analyzer, which will save your butt the next time you try to send an accidentally terse email.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 1.39.49 PM

This IBM-designed service will keep you from ever sending a poorly worded email again, thanks to its linguistics analyses. The program helps identify words that might be inflammatory or, conversely, positive. It categorizes them according to whether they express negativity, cheerfulness, conscientiousness, openness, confidence and/or agreeableness. From there, you can see which tones you’ve expressed the most.

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While it’s not fail-proof, it is a helpful reminder to slow down and read what you’re sending before you send it. So far it’s only in an experimental stage, but you can have fun analyzing your next email here. We’re ready to put our email mistakes behind us!

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