The craze of inventing your own wedding hashtag is super fun and handy for tracking down photos everyone took over the weekend — in theory, at least. But what happens when your cousin Delores can’t remember how to spell it and all the incredible big day photos she snapped don’t end up with the rest of the correctly hashtagged photos? Better stop it before it even happens. Cue Shoto — a great new app that can do just that.

Shoto is a website and app that automatically brings photos together into one album, based on a few key details like location and social media profiles, plus its own specially designed algorithm. The app’s newest feature is its wedding and events tab, which was made to help newlyweds keep track of those hilarious and creatively personal hashtags.

All you have to do is create an account at, or do so after downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play. Then, enter a few basic details: your wedding date, your hashtag, the timeframe, and your professional photog’s info. Shoto will then begin collecting all your photos from Instagram and Twitter.

Once all your pictures have been uploaded onto your Shoto account, you can invite friends to view or share the whole album directly to Facebook or pretty much any other social network. We think this sounds like a maaaajor time saver. If you want to watch a quick video on the setup process and how to upload/share your captured photos, check it out here.

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