Summer might seem like the perfect time to travel 鈥 and, well, it is 鈥 but a quick getaway during fall and winter can be a great way to combat the cold-weather blahs. No matter where you鈥檙e headed, overpacking is a surefire way to cramp your style, so traveling light is key. That being said, there are few essentials that will undoubtedly make the mini-adventure a whole lot easier and, of course, stylish. From chic sacs to pint-sized skincare kits, make sure you pack these 12 items for your next getaway.


1. Longchamp Le Pliage Travel Bag ($330): A standout bag won鈥檛 just make it easy to spot your swag at the airport 鈥 it鈥檒l also kickstart those good vibes the minute you pull it out of the closet. Opt for an easy-to-tote style, like this convertible spotted sac, to make getting from point A to point B totally effortless.


2. Komono Estelle Watch ($70): Your phone might have taken over a watch鈥檚 time-keeping duties long ago, but a stylish timepiece is something everyone should have. If your phone kicks the bucket while you鈥檙e sight-seeing or changing terminals, a watch will help you make that connection or arrive on time for your dinner reservations at that hot new restaurant.


3. Wallpaper* City Guide ($10): Make the most of your weekend away with a top-notch travel guide that鈥檒l give you a true taste of a city鈥檚 flavor. A good option? The Wallpaper* City Guide series. They鈥檙e not only easy on the eyes, but they鈥檙e also packed with suggestions for amazing dining, architecture, design and so much more. If you鈥檙e not keen on carrying around a book, simply download the app.


4. Aesop London Travel Essentials ($75): Travel can do a number on your skin (helloooo, dehydration), but taking along every product in your skincare repertoire isn鈥檛 exactly option. This travel kit is packed with tiny luxe bottles from Aesop鈥檚 parsley seed anti-oxidant range, so you stay on top of your beauty聽routine even when you鈥檙e on the go.


5. Lomo鈥橧nstant Kyoto ($159): Give your getaway your all and go off the grid while you鈥檙e out exploring. Seriously. Instead of 鈥榞ramming every second of your trip, capture your favorite moments with a good ol鈥 fashioned instant camera.


6. S鈥橶ell Lily Wood Water Bottle ($35): Disposable plastic water bottles are so not chic, plus they can be pricey. Minimize your footprint and save yourself a few bucks, all while staying hydrated with a colorful reusable vessel instead.


7. Baggu Basic Tote ($160): It never hurts to pack along a tote bag (preferably one that鈥檚 soft and easy to fold) when you鈥檙e heading out of town. It makes it easy to carry around a water bottle or extra layers, plus it鈥檒l come in handy if you decide to hit up a local market or stock up on special treats.


8. Joe Doucet Minim Playing Cards ($10): A deck of cards and other easy-to-tote games will serve you well if you plan on taking public transport or if unexpected weather makes exploring (+ wifi) out of the question.


9. Ban.Do I鈥檓 Outta Here Luggage Tag ($18): A super simple accessory, a stylish luggage tag won鈥檛 just set your bag apart from the crowd, but just might prove invaluable on the off-chance that your luggage gets lost (eek!).


10. Intru Structured Backpack ($345): Leave your standard crossbody bag at home and opt for a sleek backpack that鈥檚 nothing short on style. This structured number offers ample space to stash everything from tickets to maps and even a few snacks.


11. Print, Stitch and Paste Travel Journal ($12): A travel must-have, these cute kraft paper notebooks are the perfect place to jot down your itinerary and note the trip鈥檚 highlights and your favorite spots around town.


12. Ted Baker聽Opulent Bloom Travel Laundry Bag ($56): Keep your duds smelling fresh and clean by placing dirty items in this bright botanical sac.

What are your travel must-haves? Tell us in the comments!