When it comes to Halloween costumes, there are a few directions can typically go. You can try the ultra-DIYed route, go for something gory or pick the Halloween classic: a sexy version of something you love. Even though the holiday falls after the warm nights of summer, Halloween seems to be one night where even those girls you’d never expect to wear a teeny tiny nurse costume wear just that. This season we spotted all the classics (a sexy nun, a sexy angel, a sexy cop… you get the point), but we also spotted a few that left us a little confused. Here are 20 of the weirdest “sexy” Halloween costumes we’ve seen so far.

pizza rat costume

1. Pizza Rat ($90): Cut straight to the heart of NYC’s most beloved rodent in this curious costume.


2. The Dress ($47): Is it blue or is it gold?! We have no idea, but we do know that you’ll be the hit of the party in this controversial outfit.


3. Sexy Donald Trump ($70): If you want to also go around shouting “Make American great again!” while fixing your combover, that’d be totally acceptable in this outfit.


4. Halloween Whopper Poop: Piggybacking off of that curious news about Burger King’s Halloween Whopper, this Halloween Costume website created a DIY to make what just might be the weirdest couple’s costume we’ve ever seen. (via Halloween Costumes)


5. Corn on the Cob ($60): Those butter bangles are a must.

baby costume

6. Baby Costume ($60): We suppose this is what you might wear to remedial nursing school, but we hope you’ve made it past that if you’re reading this post.


7. Chucky Costume ($40): Because nothing says sexy like a demon child’s toy, amiright?


8. Gumball Machine ($40): Mashing futuristic apparel with our favorite candy machine, this is a relatively safe pick if you’re thinking about going sexy but not too over the top.


9. Sexy Dumb and Dumber ($60 each): Whether you’re Lloyd (in the orange costume) or Harry (in the blue), this pick is both silly and sexy.


10. Marionette Costume ($50): If NSYNC’s “No Strings Attached” is still your anthem, slip that album back in your stereo and have a ’90s-tastic Halloween.

sexy elf

11. Sexy Elf ($50): Because it’s never too early to spread a little holiday cheer, right? Here’s a fun option if you want to go sexy while also staying warm.


12. Voodoo Doll ($50): Something seems off about this outfit, but we can’t quite pin it down.


13. Reindeer Costume ($69): Looks like Rudolph has some competition.


14. Goldfish Costume ($35): Wear this and you’ll have an excuse to sport your best duck – err, fish– face all night long.


15. Miss Scissorhands ($39+): Looks like someone snipped away all that extra fabric to create a sexy Edward Scissorhands outfit. Bonus points if you get a companion to dress up as an artfully trimmed hedge.


16. Snowman Costume ($37): Olaf, is that you?


17. Marijuana Catsuit ($70): The only other thing you need is Snoop Dogg.


18. Ronald McDonald Costume ($75): If you’re really into the fact that McDonald’s is now doing all day breakfast, we vote you show your love for the brand with this costume.


19. Hamburger Costume ($48): Want to turn that sexy Ronald McDonald outfit into a BFF costume? This outfit is a match made in hamburger heaven.


20. Wine Dress Costume ($35): This cork hat is kind of everything we’ve ever wanted in life.

What’s the silliest sexy costume you’ve seen this year? Share with us in the comments below.