Moms and motherly figures are pros at guiding us through life’s most challenging obstacles and shaping us into the confident women we’re proud to be. They also know just how to teach us what it truly means to be fun and fearless. What’s better than doing something awesome inspired by a woman you admire? Doing it by her side, of course! This Mother’s Day, treat your mom or favorite female to a feel-good wellness experience that promises her relaxation and revitalizing energy. Read on for a handful of favorite ideas and where to indulge in them; you both deserve it.

1. Couple’s Massage, Indian Springs, Calistoga, CA: A couple’s massage isn’t just for romantic pairs! Gift your mom to this classic treatment and enjoy it right by her side at this Napa Valley retreat, which has a special room for all different types of duos. Choose from a 50-minute signature massage or splurge on a 100-minute session; both treatments incorporate a signature grapeseed oil that’s used to put you in a state of deep relaxation. Once your massages are finished and you’re both feeling balanced and in bliss, unwind with a soak in the spa’s Olympic-sized mineral pools. Not only can you stay as long as you like, but you’ll also get the added benefit of a vitamin D boost on a sunny day.

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2. Sound Bath Workshop, Sky Ting Yoga, New York, NY: We’ll give Gwyneth and goop some cred for this one; since she mentioned sound baths back in 2016, people have been flocking to the group meditation-based sessions for a wellness fix that’s heralded to help with stress, depression, pain relief, and more. In this environment, it’s all about vibration — practitioners are known to use rainsticks, crystal bowls, and other instruments to produce healing sounds. Sky Ting Yoga, which has built a strong, all-inclusive community of adoring fans, regularly offers sound bath workshops (with the next one happening on 5/6) among their other retreats, special classes, and sessions at various New York locations. We recommend checking the studio’s scheduling page or following along on Instagram to get the 411 for you and Mom.

3. Yin Flow Yoga with Essential Oils, Karma Yoga, San Francisco, CA: If you and mom both love yoga — be it Hatha, Bikram, or Vinyasa-style classes — treat her to a group class or private yin flow session with complementary essential oils for a complete body, mind, and soul experience. Likened to stretching with a dose of aromatherapy, you’ll get your yoga on while enjoying relaxing music, thoughtful breathwork that’ll help you both feel grounded and present, and restorative vibes. Expect a good mix of stillness and a stretch series specifically designed to energize you.

4. Salt Bed Session, BREATHE Salt Rooms, Brooklyn, NYC: Salt has long been heralded for its ability to heal skin, and dry salt therapy (or halotherapy, as it’s sometimes called) is a holistic treatment that uses micro-particles of salt to promote overall wellness, better breathing, and sounder sleep. Dry salt therapy also helps to alleviate symptoms of many respiratory and skin conditions. Breathe Easy, a Brooklyn favorite that offers wellness classes in addition to salt rooms and beds, offers quick and effective treatments that last just 25 minutes and leave you feeling fabulous in the days that follow. In less than a half hour, you and Mom can expect to get a ton out of your private dry salt therapy experience; clients rave about the full respiratory detox and how it helps specific conditions such as acne, eczema, or psoriasis.

5. Mud Bath and Korean-style Scrub, Lotus Spa, Boston, MA: Lotus Spa in Boston has earned rave reviews for their signature mud bath, which incorporates an exfoliating Korean-style scrub. The 40-minute treatment starts with the thorough black soap scrub and concludes with a Moor mud bath, which has a unique mix of minerals, organic substances, oils, plants, and vitamins to help your skin heal. Even more, the mud bath is known for bringing relief to anyone who suffers from joint pain or arthritis; definitely consider this one if you or Mom have been feeling aches, pains, or physically fatigued.

6. Japanese Green Tea Foot Soak, Taste of Tea, Healdsburg, CA. We were already familiar with a traditional foot soak but hadn’t considered dunking our tired tootsies in tea before. Turns out, a Japanese Green Tea Foot Soak can provide relaxing effects like improved energy and restoration. The type of tea used at Taste of Tea is called “Kyoto Karigane” and is grown and cultivated in Japan using a specific technique that results in high levels of L-theanine. This is the magic, as the antioxidant properties of the tea are known to work against free radicals in the body (which are often brought on by stress). The 30-minute soak (which includes tea that you can drink at the same time) clocks in at just $35 and will leave you feeling revitalized for your next adventure.

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(Featured photo via Indian Springs Calistoga)