Halloween costumes are meant to be fun, wild, and maybe even a little scary — like these Grease family costumes, these Westworld giddy-up get-ups, or Pennywise portrayals that are freaky AF. But you still need to be careful when dressing up, as talk show host Wendy Williams could certainly tell you following an alarming costume-related mishap that occurred on live television earlier today.

On this morning’s episode of The Wendy Williams Show, the 53-year-old decided to get a little patriotic for Halloween and showed up on stage as the Statue of Liberty. Her green hair and glittery dress were as stunning as they were spot-on. But they were also apparently a little dangerous.

When Williams stood behind her clear podium to start the annual “How You Booin’” Halloween costume contest segment, she only managed to get through the first few words before it was clear that there was something seriously wrong. Slightly mixing up her speech, she paused momentarily before her eyes went wide and she stumbled back while shaking, then suddenly fell as she momentarily lost consciousness.

The crowd let out a gasp of concern and the show’s crew rushed to Williams’ side before the cameras quickly cut to a commercial break.

Though some initially thought it might be a Halloween prank, it turns out that there was nothing fake about the shocking situation.

When the show returned, Williams explained that her costume had caused her to overheat, which led to her passing out.

While we’re glad to hear that the circumstances aren’t more serious this time around and certainly hope that Wendy Williams is okay, this is definitely a reminder to make sure your costume is safe in every-which-way before you head out for some Halloween fun.

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(Photo via Nicholas Hunt/Getty)