Because it’s 2016, social media has played a tremendous role in this presidential election. Twitter and Facebook in particular have been instrumental in gathering support and organizing grassroots campaign efforts for all candidates — not even just the Democrat and Republican contenders.

While we can’t vouch for which group or campaign effort did the best job to get voters stoked, the award for cutest name arguably goes to the secret group Pantsuit Nation on Facebook. If you haven’t heard of it, this pro-Hillary group has garnered almost three million members as of now. And in a show of support earlier today, Hillary Clinton made her gratitude for this little group of supporters known. And honestly? It was cute AF.

pantsuit nation
pantsuite nation 2

Sending her message of thanks through Hillary for America digital spokesperson Jenna Lowenstein, Hillary told the group that she wanted to thank them for their support. She also said some politician-y but frankly earnest things about the people who voiced their support:

“I’m honored and humbled to have all of you with me, but I’m even prouder to see this community represent the best of America: people of all backgrounds and beliefs who share a vision for a brighter future for our children, and who have each other’s backs. That’s who we really are, and tonight, we’re going to prove it.”

The thing is, while Hill’s message is adorable as all get-out, it’s really a testament to us: not just Hillary supporters, but Americans who rally together on the internet to participate in democracy. That’s something to be happy about tonight, no matter who wins or loses.

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(Photo via Robyn Beck/ Getty)