If you’ve already got a mountain of candy in your house with no end in sight (#guilty), then you know once Halloween is over, it’s time to get creative and figure out how you can possibly use all that candy. You could bake it into different treats or use it to decorate cakes, but what about the hard candy that nobody really likes? Those pieces definitely have a higher calling, like mature cocktail stirrers, wall art and even Christmas decorations. It’s time to put down the taffy and start crafting.


1. Gum Ball Drink Stirrers: Halloween candy gets all grown up with these stylish drink stirrer sticks. Jazz up your drink game this holiday season with glossy gum ball decor. (via Studio DIY)


2. Gummy Bear Sangria: Oh yes, this just happened. You might never make normal sangria again after trying this gummy bear-infused sangria with fresh apple juice. Because gummy bears totally = fruit. (via My Name is Yeh)


3. Paint With Skittles: Look beyond the fact that food coloring is terrible for you, and turn it into a good thing by making DIY art supplies. A little corn syrup and some Skittles are all you need to make some glossy paint and fruity-smelling artwork. (via Mama.Pappa.Bubba)


4. Custom Cookie Cutter Candy: Technically you could eat these, but they are so pretty, you could also use them as gift toppers, cupcake decorations or even as part of a favor bag. (via Brit + Co)


5. Cocktail Stirrers: One of the benefits of sugary candy is that it lasts for-ev-er. So you can make a whole bunch of these colorful stirrers and keep them in bouquet form on your cocktail tray. Eat them or leave them as decor — either way, these are totally rad. (via A Beautiful Mess)


6. Candy iPhone Case: Modpodge, shellac and the brightest candy you can get your hands on are all you need for the coolest iPhone case ever. And don’t worry about the bottom of your purse filling up with sprinkles — the shellac really cements the whole thing together. (via Violet Tinder Studios)


7. Mike and Ike Christmas Lights: M&M’s make nice big lightbulbs and the sticky Mike and Ikes create the perfect lightbulb base. Put these festive little lights in a candy dish or use strands of them to decorate cakes or cupcakes. (via Hungry Happenings)


8. Candy Bouquet: There are so many possibilities when it comes to putting together these “bouquets.” Using your bountiful Halloween candy haul, you can get really creative and customize the colors and patterns of your candy bouquet. (via Make Life Lovely)


9. DIY Advent Calendar: Save up some of the best candy and re-gift it in advent calendar form. This printable Advent calendar features 24 matchbox-size houses that are perfect for hiding those fun-size candy bars. Line them up along a wall or shelf, let the kids create a little village or hang them on the tree. (via Mr. Printables)


10. Taffy Cupcake Toppers: Saltwater taffy is one of those candies that lures you in with its pretty colors, but after a few pieces, they all start to taste the same. Instead of gluing your teeth together, put those pretty colors to use as dessert and cocktail decoration. (via Paper and Stitch)


11. DIY Yum Sign: This might just be the most ridiculously awesome typographical piece your blank wall has been begging for. Those bright colors were just made for wall decor, especially in a kitchen or kid’s room. (via Paint the Gown Red)


12. Starburst Candy Shot Glass: Once these get wet, they get pretty sticky, so they are definitely a one-time deal. With such a fun color, who can say no to the charm of an edible shot glass? (via The Cookie Writer)


13. Gingerbread House Decor: Keep all that Halloween candy on standby until it’s time to make gingerbread houses. If you’ve got enough of it, you can even make mini houses out of the candy itself. (via All for the Memories)


14. GumBall Garland: Gumballs can be disappointing: One chew and all the flavor is gone. However, string them up as festive garlands, and they’re sticking around for a while. (via One Charming Party)


15. Candy Bar Pups: Use up all those chocolate bars by making these adorable wiener dogs. Give them away as gift favors or use them to decorate cakes. These chocolate dogs will keep at room temperature for a few days or in a sealed container for up to a month. (via Handmade Charlotte)


16. Fancy Candy Jewelry: Consider these a pretty update on those classic candy necklaces. Make them with the kids or for a girls’ night. No one is ever too old for candy jewelry. (via With Lovely)


17. Candy Garlands: Any candy that is soft enough to poke with a needle can be made into a garland. The kids can help arrange the candies, and then you can hang them on the tree, on the mantle or elegantly draped across your mirror. (via Martha Stewart)


18. Tootsie Roll Cupcake Toppers: Use that gummy roll texture to make some seriously cute cupcake toppers. Roll out tootsie rolls into long strips, wrap them into a pretzel shapes and then add little white sprinkles for the salt pieces. (via Paint the Gown Red)


19. Framed Candy: You’ll never find a “sweeter” gallery wall than this one. The more stale the candy is, the better it will glue, making this the perfect DIY for leftover candy. Glue your favorite pieces to white cardstock and pop into a frame. (via Damask Love)

How do you use up your leftover Halloween candy? Share your tips in the comments below!