If you’re expecting twins, congrats! You probably have lots on your mind right now, like what you should know about having twins or what would be the best twin baby names. As a mama of twin girls, people mistakenly thought I would need double of EVERYTHING. While that might be true for certain items, here are my suggestions for some of the must-have items to consider for your baby registry. My best tip as you venture out in the wide world of baby products: Think about what’s EASY for you to use rather than what’s pretty. Trust me. You’re gonna have your hands full.

Dr Brown pink bottles 645x645

1. Different Color Bottles or Bottle Labels: When you’re feeding two different babies, it helps to have color coded bottles. I use two different colors, like one set of pink Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles ($15) and a set of blue. In those early days when your babies are eating every two hours and you’re super sleep deprived, it helps to know which bottle is which! If you can’t find two different color bottles you like, try baby bottle labels, like these Dr. Brown’s My Bands Label Bands ($5).

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2. Double Stroller: I’ll be honest, twin strollers are PRICEY and there aren’t a ton to choose from, but I recommend trying them out in a store or finding them secondhand to test out before your little ones arrive. I love my Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller ($729) because it opens and closes easily, can go in the car easily, has SPF 45 canopy covers and can be used from infancy through toddlerhood. It is an all-terrain stroller so you can go from the street to grass to beach without pause.

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3. At Least One Travel Crib: One of the best things we have is a Graco Pack ‘n Play Play Yard Simple Solutions ($80) crib in our dining room area, so we can have a place outside of the girls’ nursery that they can hang out while I’m in the kitchen. Some twin parents prefer to buy two travel cribs and set them up around their house — just depends on how much space you have. We also used the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper ($55) for short naps when the girls were newborns. They liked the rocking and vibrating feature. Other parents like to use baby swings like this tricked out Ingenuity InLighten Cradling Swing ($150), but our girls never liked it.

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4. Twin Breastfeeding Pillow: Whether you decide to breastfeed exclusively or do a combo of breast milk and formula, some twin moms love to use twin-specific breastfeeding pillows for tandem or solo breastfeeding. I use the My Brest Friend Twin Nursing Pillow ($76), which snaps around my waist, and I describe it as “a big serving tray.” It has a pocket that I use to hold any little items I need, like a bottle of water (breastfeeding makes you crazy thirsty). Other moms like the Twin-Z Pillow ($100), which looks like two side-by-side breastfeeding pillows and can be used during pregnancy through the stage when they sit up. This is great for bottle feeding both babies at the same time. Or you could get two Boppy Nursing Pillows ($30) and sit your twins together while feeding.

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5. White Noise Machine: Babies love white noise because it reminds them of the swooshy sounds in the womb. You’ll love a white noise machine because it will help your babes sleep at night. There’s a big variety — like Dohm for Baby White Noise Sound Machine ($50) to put in their room, or a portable version like Hushh Portable Sound Machine ($35) for when you’re traveling. Either way, make sure this is on your registry.

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6. Baby Carrier: With two babies, you’ll quickly find having your hands free is much needed. Cue the baby carriers or wraps. You can wear one of your babes while hanging out with the other. There are tons out there (here are some of my favorite baby carriers and wraps), so see if you can borrow some from friends to try out before registering to find out what you might like, and what’s easiest for you.

aden anais swaddle baby

7. Swaddles: If you take a baby care 101 class, most likely you’ll the learn the art of the swaddle, which is a snug way to mimic a newborn’s coziness in the womb. Not all babies love being swaddled, but it’s great to try out and see what works for your little one. We picked out the five best swaddles for the fussiest of babies.

Name Wall Decal 645x772

8. Name Decals for the Cribs: I’m not gonna lie. In the beginning, my husband and I were worried that we’d mix up our baby girls and confuse them. My girls are fraternal twins, not identical, but in the beginning, they looked a lot alike. We put name decals over their cribs, which helps with late-night diaper changes and feedings. Etsy is a really great place to find pretty wall decals. I got mine from the Fairy Dust Decals Etsy shop ($15 each decal).

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9. Pajamas With Zippers: One of the things I wish other parents told me was to use pajamas with zippers (like these Luvable Friends Zip Up Footies [$20]) or gowns that pull up. When you’re changing *two* poop diapers at 3am, the last thing you want to deal with is a cute outfit with a million snaps on it. It’s torture. Save yourself the headache and register for pajamas with zippers or nightgowns without snaps. You will love these.

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10. Activity Mats: Tummy time is a must for newborns, since it helps build their neck and back muscles. Having multiple activity playtime mats, like this Skip Hop Hug & Hide Activity Gym ($60), for your twins helps give them plenty of space to do that necessary workout. There’s usually some fun stuff for them to look at and this Fisher-Price Kick & Play Piano Gym ($40) even has a piano to play when when kicking their tiny adorable feet. Be sure to register for more than one to keep both babies occupied.

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(Photos via Babies R Us, Bumbleride, Aden + Anais and Fairy Dust Decals)