If you just found out you鈥檙e having twins, congratulations! Twins mean double the cuteness and twice the love. They also mean you get to pick out two adorable baby names instead of one. A few years ago, the Social Security Administration compiled its most recent ranking of popular twin names, including many picks that were still going strong in BabyCenter鈥檚 top boy and girl names of 2014. (We鈥檙e looking at you, Sophia and Aiden.) Whether you鈥檒l be welcoming two girls, two boys, or even a girl and a boy, here are 30 can鈥檛-miss creative baby name combinations that are just right for your little bundles.


Most Popular聽Girl + Boy Baby Names for Twins

The names Ava and Aiden, making up the #8 most popular pairing, both earned spots in the top five boy and girl names of 2014. Other recent faves appearing on the girl-boy list are Olivia, Emma, Isabella, Emily, Ethan and Mason. We think it鈥檚 super sweet that each set of names features a matching first letter, and we鈥檙e impressed that Jayda and Jayden/Jada and Jaden claimed two spots, thanks to alternative spellings.

1. Madison + Mason

2. Olivia + Owen

3. Jayda + Jayden

4. Emma + Ethan

5. Isabella + Isaiah

6. Addison + Aiden

7. Emily + Ethan

8. Ava + Aiden

9. Ella + Ethan

10. Jada + Jaden


Most Popular聽Girl + Girl聽Baby Names for Twins

Sophia and Olivia are big winners on this list of popular names for girl +聽girl twins. Since they both sound so pretty, it makes sense that these names also took top prizes as the #1 and #3 most popular choices for girls in 2014. The #2 most popular girl name of 2014, Emma, and the #5 most popular girl name, Isabella, are also featured here. Our favorite combo has got to be Heaven and Nevaeh, which gets major bonus points for creativity. We also love the pairings of classic picks Faith and Hope, along with trendy favorites Makayla and Makenzie.

1. Olivia + Sophia

2. Gabriella + Isabella

3. Ella + Emma

4. Faith + Hope

5. Makayla + Makenzie

6. Heaven + Nevaeh

7. Isabella + Sophia

8. Mackenzie + Madison

9. Hailey + Hannah

10. Abigail + Olivia

Boy Twins

Most Popular聽Boy + Boy Baby Names for Twins

Let鈥檚 hear it for the boys! Our fave boy + boy names feature current favorites 鈥 Jacob and Ethan 鈥 which were top 10 winners for boy names in 2014. Kayden also bears a striking similarity to Caden, the #8 boy name of last year. Seeking some timeless selections? Names like Daniel, David, Matthew and Joshua are sure to warm your heart. Jayden, included here three times, as a match for Jordan, Jaylen or Kayden, is a combo we especially love.

1. Daniel + David

2. Jacob + Joshua

3. Isaac + Isaiah

4. Jayden + Jordan

5. Ethan + Evan

6. Elijah + Isaiah

7. Matthew + Michael

8. Jayden + Jaylen

9. Ethan + Nathan

10. Jayden + Kayden

Are you expecting twins? Share some of your favorite name combinations below.

(h/t About.com, photo via @2yungkings)