Your back aches, your belly won鈥檛 let you bend, and you still have weeks to go. Being preggo isn鈥檛 always the glowing-from-the-inside experience that you thought it would be. It鈥檚 magical, that鈥檚 for sure 鈥 it鈥檚 also a hormone-fueled roller-coaster ride. Your partner is there to help鈥 at least, they should be. You might have read every pregnancy book, blog, and article, but your S.O. is still kind of clueless. Help them help you by getting to know what they don鈥檛!

A pregnant couple drinks tea in their kitchen

1. Don鈥檛 blame the hormones. They鈥檝e seen the movies and know that 鈥渉ormones鈥 are the root cause of all pregnancy-induced craziness. At least that鈥檚 what they think. So they鈥檙e going to blame your body chemistry at some point or another when you cry, yell, or in any way act like a person who has emotions. They might not understand that you need help, or a hug, right now. Help them learn to point the finger somewhere other than your hormones.

2. 鈥淢orning鈥 sickness can happen any time. The name 鈥渕orning sickness鈥 is pretty misleading. Your S.O. may get fooled into thinking that rocky feeling you have is just in the a.m. What they don鈥檛 know is that pregnant people can have morning sickness 24/7. You鈥檒l have to clue them in to this one: The name isn鈥檛 helping anyone, so it鈥檚 the only way they鈥檒l know.

3. You have the nose of a dog. A really, really sleuthy dog. You can smell a piece of bacon hidden in the back of the fridge all the way from the bedroom, and it鈥檚 making you want to heave. Having food scent sensitivities during pregnancy is completely normal, but your partner might have missed that news. Give them the rundown on what turns your tummy and what鈥檚 okay to keep around.

A pregnant couple looks at a sonogram photo

4. Sometimes pregnancy is scary. You might be the best-educated pregnant person ever, but that doesn鈥檛 mean you won鈥檛 get scared when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth. This anxiety is totally normal, but you鈥檙e trying to look cool, calm, and collected, and your S.O. is buying the act. If you have stresses, worries, or even fears, let them know. They鈥檙e there to listen and reassure you that everything will be a-okay.

5. There鈥檚 all kinds of grossness. As much as you want bae to see you as a perfect preggo princess, pregnancy can get gross. Really, really gross. You pee when you sneeze, there鈥檚 something called a mucus plug in your cervix (and it鈥檚 going to fall out at some point), and you鈥檙e more than just a little bit gassy. You can prepare them for the not-so-pretty parts of pregnancy. But don鈥檛 apologize. Nature is nature, and there鈥檚 nothing you can do about these parts of pregnancy.

6. Sleep is sacred. You were up every 20 minutes to pee, thanks to the baby who is sitting on your bladder, and now the dog needs to go out. In a few short weeks you鈥檒l get even less sleep, so right now you need all you can get. Remind your partner so that they can pick up some of the slack when you need to catch up on zzz鈥檚.

A pregnant couple paints a room

7. Pickles and ice cream aren鈥檛 always it. Yes, some moms-to-be crave the legendary pickles and ice cream. Others want nachos. And still others adore bananas and vanilla pudding. Everyone has their own tastes, and those pregnancy 鈥渟tandard snacks鈥 aren鈥檛 always in when it comes to what you want.

8. Romance is still on. Sometimes even more than before. You may have swollen feet and an achy back, but that doesn鈥檛 mean you aren鈥檛 feeling it when you crawl into bed with your honey. Your changing body (and the baby growing inside) may kind of intimidate them, and they don鈥檛 want to cross any boundaries. So let them know when you鈥檙e still feeling loving and exactly what you鈥檙e up for.

9. This is a team effort. They might not have the belly. And they might not be completely on top of the prep work that鈥檚 going on behind the scenes. But this whole pregnancy thing is a team effort. Remind them. Sometimes it can seem like all the pregnancy stuff (such as shopping for the baby, registering for gifts, prepping baby鈥檚 room) falls on the pregnant person鈥檚 side of things. They need to know that this is absolutely not true.

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