We’re all about those secret menus. Whether we’re ordering a grilled cheese from In-N-Out or a Burritodilla (burrito + quesadilla) from Chipotle, it’s just a little bit more fun when your order is only for those in the know. But no place has a secret menu quite like Starbucks. There was the Valentine’s Day menu, the pink drink, the purple drink… the list goes on and on. And actually, it goes on SO MUCH longer than you’d think. In fact, a spokesperson for the coffee chain just revealed exactly how many there are.


While talking to Well + Good, a Starbucks spokesperson told the website “There are over 170,000 ways baristas can customize beverages at Starbucks.” Hold up. 170,000?!!! Are you sure you didn’t add a few extra zeroes in there on accident?

Considering you can kind of pick and choose from whatever ingredients Starbucks has and the barista will most likely make it for you, this makes sense though. So what’s the next viral Starbucks secret drink to take over Instagram? Looks like with a little bit of creativity, you might just be able to create that yourself.

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Photography: Brittany Dawn