It’s been nearly a month since everyone completed their stressful holiday travels, and while it’s totally ideal to stay as far away from the airport for as long as possible, our wanderlust is kicking in. While we daydream about all the locales we want to hit this year, there’s a new website that’s going to make it impossible to not indulge in every single exotic travel urge we’ve ever had.

Whimsy, a recently launched London-based travel startup, is all about life’s explorations. The company’s focus is to take travelers off their typical itineraries to more obscure spots. The site is a curated selection of offbeat and affordable destinations that will easily fuel any traveler’s dreams. You’ll be saying au revoir to your typical hotel on the beach and konnichiwa to passport stamps upon stamps to some of the world’s hidden gems.

Exotic + affordable may sound impossible, but Whimsy uses a special algorithm that combines cost savings with macro weather patterns. The result is cheap tickets to dream destinations (Ethiopia, Zanzibar, Uganda, Oman, etc) that will have ideal weather when you arrive. Of course, that’s dependant on how reliable the meteorologists are.

While we’re ready to pack a bag and go now, we’re gonna have to bookmark this site while we hang out at the airport bar a little longer. Currently routes only depart from London (way to take the piss out of our excitement, Whimsy). Fingers crossed the Soarigami will be available by the time Whimsy hits the runways stateside for cozy armrest action to Myanmar and beyond.

What is your go-to wanderlust-fueling, budget-friendly travel site? Let us know in the comments.