You finished picking out that Valentine’s Day gift for Mom, snagged a few of the coolest finds for your besties and even found the perfect pick for your favorite dude, but you still have to figure out your White Elephant gag. Wait… what? Yup, you heard right. White Elephant gifts are not just for the holidays anymore. Whether you have a Galentine’s Day brunch or you and your friends love outdoing each other every single holiday, quirky and ridiculous love-themed presents are a definite must. Simply take your pick from our extensive list, whip up a quick and easy DIY Valentine’s Day card and you’re good to go.

Jumbo Heart Inner Tube Valnetine's Day White Elephant Gift Idea

1. Beach, Please! Jumbo Heart Inner Tube ($24): Leave your inflatable swans and pizza slices by the pool and bust out this way-cool heart floatie. But let’s be real: You don’t have to wait until summer to blow this baby up. It would make a killer photo booth backdrop at your Galentine’s Day party.

Love at First Slice Pizza Snow Globe Valnetine's Day White Elephant Gift Idea

2. Urban Outfitters Love at First Slice Pizza Snow Globe ($16): Shake up some happiness with the only bae that won’t break your heart: PIZZA. Step one: Shake snow globe. Step two: Call pizza guy. Wait for love to be delivered to your door.

Chocolate Perfect Man Valnetine's Day White Elephant Gift Idea

3. Paper Source Chocolate Perfect Man ($7): Now here’s a man that’ll satisfy all your chocolate needs. He’s hunky, he’s sweet and he’s just the gift your BFF deserves. CAUTION: Handing out chocolate candy this cool might cause increased heart palpitations.

Binge-Watching Survival Kit Valnetine's Day White Elephant Gift Idea

4. Urban Outfitters Binge-Watching Survival Kit ($20): Know someone who takes Netflix-and-chill to the extreme? This survival kit, complete with everything they need to maintain some semblance of cleanliness, like tissues, breath mints and face wipes, is perfection.

Paper Source Pizza Pillow Valnetine's Day White Elephant Gift Idea

5. Paper Source Pizza Pillow ($27): The only thing better than Valentine’s Day is all the PUNS. If your bestie holds a “pizza” your heart, they definitely need this plush pillow in their life… and on their couch.

Largest Gummy Heart Valnetine's Day White Elephant Gift Idea

6. Stupid World’s Largest Gummy Heart ($18): You can literally give someone your heart this year in delicious, cherry-flavored gummy form. NOM. Part sweet, part gorey, this gift isn’t for everyone, but it definitely makes a statement.


7. Mr. Kate Pussy Panties ($25, set of two): There’s no denying these are cheeky AF, but they are pretty darn awesome. Pair a set of these with the famous pussy hat and your girl power squad is ready to march again.


8. Paper Source Handicorn Finger Puppets ($10): It’s time to actively bring more unicorns into your friend’s life. The first step is to surround them with unicorn hot chocolate, iridescent metallics and oh, these absolutely ridiculous finger puppets that belong on their Instagram feed STAT.


9. Urban Outfitters Mini Instax Bae Picture Frame ($6, set of two): We’re always looking for fun ways to display photos, and a framed photo is always a great gift for a loved one. The best part is that these glitter frames come in a set of two so you can gift one, keep one #winning.


10. Color Me Swoon by Mel Elliott ($12): Channing Tatum. Brad Pitt. George Clooney. CAUTION: Going through this book may cause irregular or increased heart palpitations.


11. Archie McPhee Boo Boo Kisses Bandages ($5): Show your bae or bestie how much you care with this fun, feel-better kit. They can kiss their own boo boos away with this colorful pack of luscious-lipped bandages.


12. Awkward Cupid Chipot-Bae Tank ($25): If your bae is guilty of going to Chipotle every other day of the week, this punny tank is fitting for the burrito enthusiast they really are. It says a lot when extra guac isn’t even a question.


13. Archie McPhee I Love You Egg Shaper ($6): Breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day just got a little more romantic with this egg heart-shaper. Now they can see how much love went into it! ;)


14. Jennifer Loiselle Oui Non Earrings ($35): They say French is a romance language, and there’s no denying you’ll be looking oh-so chic with these oversized, retro earrings. Plus, you can answer that silly “taken?” question with a flip of your head while you’re out partying Valentine’s evening.


15. KILLSTAR Boys/Cats Beanie ($32): This unisex beanie is just what your cat-loving friend needs. #Priorities


16. Uncommon Goods Crimson Heart Umbrella ($32): Not only will this help you and your boo stand out from the crowd, but this lightweight and sturdy umbrella will protect both of you from the elements, thanks to a fiberglass frame that’s practically wind-proof. Plus, there’s plenty of room to steal kisses underneath.


17. Annie’s Blue Ribbon Unicorn Snot ($10): Yes, it is actually as *magical* as it sounds. Give the wonderful gift of glitter this Valentine’s Day and instantly make someone’s day. Remember: When in doubt, glitter it out!


18. Porn for Women by the Cambridge Women’s Pornography Cooperative ($10): Including quotes like “Have another piece of cake. I don’t like you looking so thin,” this hilarious book is a fun gift that you and your girlfriends can laugh over.


19. Meri Meri Pizza Love Notes Set ($8): Make sure your bestie knows they hold a pizza your heart with a cheesy, handwritten note. These adorable miniature pizza cards were made just for you and your pepperoni-lovin’ BFF.


20. Urban Outfitters Will You Accept This Inflatable Rose ($12): You won’t be beating around the bush with this one. Skip all the drama and long, drawn-out pauses to let ’em know how you really feel with this hilariously oversized inflatable rose.


21. Species by the Thousands Love Kit ($32): Rev up the magic with this romantic kit. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to spark some romance, including a room spray, taper candle, rose petal herb pouch and a rose quartz crystal.


22. Sugarfina Champagne Bears Candy Cubes ($48): Boozy gummy bears might have been the coolest sugar treat to trend last summer — we even made our own! — but they are also pretty adorable Valentine treats. If your BFF is a Champagne all day girl, you’ll know that these pink bears are everything anyone could ever want from a Valentine gift.


23. Target Valentine’s Heart Oversized Faux Fur Throw Pillow ($20): Now here’s a Valentine’s Day gift they can use all year long. Let them know how much they mean to you with this playful, but totally cozy faux fur pillow heart.


24. Bow & Drape Hot Stuff Pouch ($39): Let ’em know you’ve got the hots for them with a pouch that really turns up the heat. Add a little spice to the relationship with this sequin Sriracha bottle that totally slays.


25. Laser Kitten BFF Pizza Heart Pin ($22): Pizza is love. Say so with this pizza heart pin that’s sure to make anyone hungry. Give your bestie the whole pie or break it into two and rock each half in true BFF style.


26. Paper Source Chai Really Like You Tea ($15): If your friend’s ideal night involves cuddling up with their favorite mug and a good book, they need this tea. Give the wonderful gift of warm-and-cozy this Valentine’s Day and instantly make someone’s day.


27. Urban Outfitters Thanks But Nah iPhone 7 Case ($28): Know someone who’s a fan of The Bachelor? Gift them this killer phone case so they can give their favorite piece of technology a sassy, rose-themed makeover.


28. Urban Outfitters You Had Me At Merlot Stemless Wine Glasses ($16, set of two): If your pal is a wine connoisseur, cooks up red wine pasta on the reg or is just a fan of drinking a glass with her besties, then a wine-themed gift is right up her alley. These romantic stemless wine glasses are just the thing for a girls’ night in and a bottle — or three — of quality red.


29. Love Potion Flask ($25): Speaking of a good drink, does your friend need something a little more scandalous? For your boo who loves a bit of hooch, add a little zest to her life with this cheeky pink flask that hints of good times ahead.


30. Urban Outfitters Coffee Lover Mug ($12): Whether your friend is addicted to her morning cup of joe or she’s more a spiced cider kinda gal, there’s no doubt she needs this heart-shaped mug in her collection. The best part is knowing she’ll think of you every time she pours a refill.


31. Awkward Cupid “The Only Love Triangle I Want” Pullover ($30): Throw on this sweater before calling the pizza guy. Love, delivered instantly to your door.


32. Fries Before Guys Pin ($10): You know who you are if French fries have a special place in your heart. Fries > Guys. No competition!

33. Firebox’s How to Speak Emoji Love ($10): Break down the modern language of love with this guide to emoji speak. Get one for you plus one for your bae and you may never have to use words again.

White Elephant Gift Pizza Necklace

34. Sucre Sucre Miniatures BFF Pizza Necklace ($30): These adorable miniature pizza necklaces were made just for you and your pepperoni-lovin’ BFF.


35. Archie McPhee Cleansing Kisses Soap Leaves ($4): Not only will your hands be left sparkling clean, but they’ll smell deliciously like cherries. Ohh la la.


36. Scout & Whistle You Are My Favorite Pink Prize Ribbon ($8): Congratulate the lucky winner of this fabulous ribbon with a hug, a smooch or both.


37. Wild & Wolf Ring True Desk Phone ($45): “You used to call me on my cell phone…” That is until you got this adorable candy-colored retro phone. Give the gift of “hotline bling” this Valentine’s Day with this ’60s-inspired rendition of the iconic British 747 telephone.


38. I Heart Guts Heart of Gold Plush ($24): Finally, a fitting gift for that special person in your life. Let them know how much they mean to you with this playful but meaningful plush toy.


39. I Heart Bacon T-Shirt ($16): Bacon is love. Bacon is life. Say so with this bacon-lovers’ t-shirt that’s sure to make anyone hungry.


40. Emojinal Baggage Emoji Pillows ($26): Give the gift of your favorite emoji to that special someone you’ve been texting. Not only will they appreciate the cute and cuddly pillow, but it’ll serve as a reminder to text you every time they see it!

(Additional reporting by Kate Thorn)

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