Whitney Port has been upfront about some of the details around her pregnancy (like sharing the sweetest little baby bump pics) and kept tight-lipped about others (no, we won’t be finding out the sex of the baby any time soon). Now The Hills star has decided to open up about the health scare she faced leading up to her pregnancy, which will bring the birth of her first child.

“After marrying my husband, Timmy, we began the discussion of starting a family,” Port began in a blog post for People. “We both wanted to wait a bit, but in the back of our minds were worried about not being able to conceive.” That’s because, during their honeymoon in Fiji back in 2015, both Port and her new hubby, Tim Rosenman, contracted bacterial infections. “Tim’s was on his foot and super gross, but no big deal,” the 32-year-old explained.

However, Port’s infection was more serious. “Mine was a pelvic infection and causing me a lot of pain. We got home and I went to my doctor, who put me on antibiotics immediately.” While she hoped that the medication would fix everything, that wasn’t necessarily the case. “The infection cleared up, but my doctor seemed concerned that this could have an effect on me getting pregnant down the road.” Oof.

From there, Port asks us to fast forward to about a year later, saying, “Timmy and I were now seriously having the talk and pretty ready to start trying… To be honest, I was freaking out… We agreed that I would go off my birth control and see what happened. I guess we assumed that it would take a while because of my previous medical issue…” Thankfully for the hopeful parents, things went much more smoothly than expected and soon they were able to make the big announcement that they’re expecting.

While Port’s surely thankful that she was able to avoid any serious issues that might have cropped up, the reality TV star and fashion designer admits that there was no “plan” behind the fact that she’s decided to share her health scare, “except to tell you guys [her] story.” She revealed, “I gotta say, it feels kind of good to sit down and write down my feelings — more so than just in a journal because I know a lot of people are going to read it and hopefully send feedback.”

And that’s why it’s so awesome that she’s shared her struggle. Because the more women are open about these kinds of issues, the more discussions will happen, and the more we can support each other.

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(h/t Refinery29; photo via Cindy Ord/Getty)