Remember when you read how wine could actually be bad for you? If that majorly bummed you out then fear not, there is some news to suggest a drink a day could actually keep the doctor away.


Vinepair (eerily close to “Wine Pair”) reports that there are at least two studies that back up the claim that moderate drinking helps you avoid colds. They cite a 1993 Carnegie Mellon study that looked at people who smoked, people who smoked and drank, people who drank, and people who did neither (AKA: the designated driver). The study found that the drinkers got sick way less than the smokers and that drinking a little actually helped certain smokers avoid colds.

More recently (2003, still a little bit ago) a Spanish research group found that drinking two glasses of red wine a day actually helped patients avoid the flu and other winter colds (still no word on the healing powers of tapas). The curative powers of wine are not to be ignored because it is packed with antioxidants and other cool benefits. Seems like this flu season is a great time to whip out the old mulled wine recipe and wait the whole thing out.

Also, studies should be taken with a grain of salt… and apparently a shot of tequila!

Avoid colds responsibly, ladies.

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(h/t Vinepair + photo via Vinepair)