Halloween has come and gone, and you know what that means? It’s officially holiday season. Yeah, we’re pretty excited. After all, who doesn’t love Turkey Day and the holidays that follow? You’ve got the shopping part and the party planning down, but are you stuck on how to wear your hair for the festivities? Here are 14 braided ‘dos you can rock around the Christmas tree (or the menorah). Every last one will leave your friends and family impressed.

1. Four Strand Braid: Three-strand braids are so yesterday. It’s time to update your classic look with a four-strand braid like this. How cool! (via Hair Romance)

2. Twisted Braid: While this one doesn’t involve the typical braid, in the end, it looks pretty epic, so we’ll let it slide. (via Barefoot Blonde)

3. Messy Fishtail: Sport a messy fishtail on days when you just don’t feel like doing the ‘do. The best part about making your hairstyle intentionally messy? You don’t have to be perfect. Count us in. (via Hair Romance)

4. Loose Fishtail: Wear this flirty look on your next date night. Braid a loose fishtail and create an undone look by pulling out layers. (via Cosmopolitan)

5. Traditional Side Braid: There’s nothing wrong with sticking with a traditional side braid. Leave out your side swept bangs for a chic vibe. (via Beauty High)

7. Braided Bangs: If this picture isn’t the epitome of winter, we don’t know what is, and same goes for the hair. Get your locks out of your face by braiding back your bangs and twisting the excess into a bun. (via Glam Radar)

8. Side French Braid: If you’re trying to be the real life Elsa, then this one’s for you. Simply French braid down the side of your head instead of the middle. It’s that easy! (via Barefoot Blonde)

9. Braided Bun: Instead of sticking to the trusty sock bun, opt for a braided bun like this one. Achieve this look with bobby pins and just a few extra minutes in the morning. (via Divine Caroline)

10. Messy Braided Bangs: Growing out those unruly bangs? We know the feeling. Braid them back and pin down for a cute, everyday look. (via Brit + Co)

11. Braided Back: We like to think of this one as the updated version of the half-up, half-down look that we’ve all been rocking for years. Top off the messy look with curls for a put-together style. (via Hair Romance)

12. Triple Braid Bun: If you want to go a little braid crazy, try out this one. Simply French braid both sides of your hair, and do a normal braid down the center. Then, twist together to make one epic bun. (via Brit + Co)

13. Dutch Braided Bangs: Like we said, growing out your bangs can be such a hassle. If you’re bored with the traditional French braid, go for a Dutch braid for a more updated style. (via Twist Me Pretty)

14. Side Braid and Headband: Looking to channel your inner Blair Waldorf? Finish off a classic side braid with a preppy headband to get the Gossip Girl look. (via Style Glow)

What’s your favorite way to wear your hair during the winter? Let us know in the comments below.