Winter is here, and with it comes pretty winter weddings and cute and cozy snowy accessories, like scarves and snow boots. Of course, it also brings chilly temps and the eventual boredom that stems from a few too many nights inside hiding from the cold — even the ever-indulgent Netflix binge gets old after a while. To fight cold weather boredom, we’ve come up with 10 ways to stay entertained at home while you’re hiding from winter — check ’em out!


1. Succulent Gardening Online Class ($19): If there is one thing that will brighten up any snowy night, it’s a little bit of indoor plant life to add some extra oxygen and greenery to your life. This class teaches you everything you need to know to get your green thumb going.


2. Home Storage System by Organization Essentials ($20): One of the most productive ways to stay busy while stuck at home is to finally check off some of your home org to-do list items. This home storage system is one of the most entertaining ways to do it.


3. Honey Wheat Beer Bread Kit by Soberdough ($9): If you’re planning on dinner at home — say, sandwiches or pasta with a side of warm, yummy bread — whipping up your very own handmade beer bread is absolutely the way to go. Making it will be a fun project to keep you occupied.


4. Polaroid 600 Camera and Film Set by Impossible ($122): From photo collages to portrait projects starring your family, friends and pets, this Polaroid set is good for hours and hours of fun. Plus, once the photos are finished, the DIY possibilities are endless.


5. Mixology Dice by Two Tumbleweeds ($24): When you’ve been making cocktails inside all winter long and are running out of ideas, these mixology dice will certainly shake things up… literally ;).


6. Graffiti Art Coloring Book by Aye Jay Morano ($10): This graffiti art coloring book will make you wonder why coloring is something adults stop doing. Pour yourself a glass of wine or put on a good movie and color the winter away with this beautiful book just waiting for you to bring it to life.


7. Cruiser Portable Record Player by Crosley ($99): Take classic tunes from room to room with this portable record player. This bad boy even has built-in speakers, so you never have to worry about toting extra pieces around.


8. D20 Twenty-sided Hanging Terrarium Kit by Juicykits ($36): Terrariums are all the rage because they give off an intricate, artsy and somewhat hard-to-construct vibe. Not true (the hard-to-construct part anyway) — this kit will deliver a DIY terrarium to you via your own two hands in no time at all. Voila!


9. Intro to Adobe Illustrator Online Class ($39): Take advantage of the down time that winter creates by learning a new skill like crafting pretty images using Adobe Illustrator. If you’ve ever wanted to make your own vectors or dabble in graphic design, this is the class for you.


10. Tic Tac Toe Stamp Kit by Yellow Owl Workshop ($20): You’re just one stamp away from endless games of tic tac toe. You could even host a tic tac toe tournament, which would definitely be an entertaining way to pass a cold winter night. We sense a new tradition coming on!

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