Dance Moms has become quite the phenomenon over the last few years. It spawned the career of young dancer (and Sia stand-in) Maddie Ziegler, and has become part of the reality TV landscape. In recent years, dance coach Abby Lee Miller has had her own set of issues, and now, she’s announced that she is quitting the show that made her famous.

Taking to Instagram, Miller said that after years of being pushed around by producers of her show, she decided that enough was enough and she was quitting. In her post, she blames, “men who have never taken a dance lesson in their lives,” and their manipulation of her and the scenes presented in the show. She alluded to the fact that she regularly went against producers wishes to present dances that she believed would be better for the troupe than the show.

Miller didn’t mention her legal battles in the post, however. She’s currently trying to avoid going to jail for lying about her assets during a bankruptcy filing, which sees her facing up to five years and owing five million in damages.

Dance Moms alumna Maddie Ziegler, however, is seeing her star rise. She’s becoming a fashion muse to so many, and making more appearances than she did as the lead dancer at Abby Miller Studios. Since Maddie’s long gone and Miller’s leaving, many are left wondering if the show will survive with a new crop of dancers.

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(h/t E! Online; Photos via Alberto E. Rodriguez + Emma McIntyre/Getty)