Who鈥檚 that girl? Sia was photographed heading into LAX yesterday morning for a flight to Dubai, where she鈥檒l perform at the World Cup horse race on March 25. The 鈥淐heap Thrills鈥 singer had on the perfect mix of comfy and cute for the long flight, thanks to a nude-colored Kenzo sweatsuit and white sneakers. But we couldn鈥檛 help but notice she left one signature piece of her outfit at home.

We almost didn鈥檛 recognize her without her signature black-and-blond wig. Instead, we saw, for what felt like the first time, her face and natural blond hair.

Sia previously maintained that she only wore the wig for privacy鈥檚 sake after she became uncomfortable with her fame. 鈥淚 just wanted to have a private life. Once, as my friend was telling me they had cancer, someone came up and asked, in the middle of the conversation, if they could take a photograph with me. You get me? That鈥檚 enough, right?鈥 she told the New York Times. Yep, that鈥檚 enough to make anyone shun the spotlight. But we鈥檙e still glad that Sia is ready to emerge again.

Needless to say, when the pictures of her wigless self started floating around online, the internet *freaked* out.

But in case you鈥檙e still a big Sia wig fan, don鈥檛 fret. She doesn鈥檛 seem absolutely ready to retire the hairpiece just yet.

The singer wore the wig, plus a huge bow and bright red nose during a recent Sesame Street taping (for what it鈥檚 worth, Cookie Monster, Abby, Elmo, and Grover were wearing them too), so it seems to still be part of her professional getup.

Maybe Sia is all of us and just wants to be comfortable on a long flight. What say you? Tweet us @BritandCo!

(h/t Vanity Fair; photos via starzfly/Bauer-Griffin/Contributor, Pascal Le Segretain/Getty)