Women in tech industries and, well, women in almost every professional avenue face bias when it comes to their work. We know that those who code face plenty of obstacles that can make even breaking into the industry daunting. That鈥檚 why we love the fact that some ladies are helping others out when it comes to getting on board (like Karlie Kloss鈥 coding summer camp for girls ) and call out the ridiculousness of what women hear. That鈥檚 why you have to check out this amazing (and hilarious) video from Girls Who Code , an organization that 鈥渁ims to provide computer science education and exposure to one million young women by 2020.鈥

So why can鈥檛 women code? According to this tongue-in-cheek video by Girls Who Code , the answer is: boobs, long eyelashes, menstruating, ovulating and mood swings. Duh. Damn these female-related barriers that keep us from functioning like human beings. Seriously, they鈥檙e problems. Or rather, they鈥檙e not problems AT ALL, which is why these videos satirizing why girls and women can鈥檛 code are just too funny. Check 鈥檈m out and just try not to break into a cheeky grin.

Girls Who Code is a national non-profit 鈥渨orking to close the gender gap in the technology sector.鈥 Through their programs, they educate, inspire and equip teen girls with what they need to pursue opportunities and careers with computers.

Girls Who Code

Beyond the funny videos above, GWC also launched a whole-new series starring their superstar alum, called My Code . Each week, four young women from the program share what it鈥檚 like to learn to code, why they learned, their favorite apps and challenges they鈥檝e faced as coders. They *don鈥檛* involve boobs or periods ;) Watch and just try not to get inspired to pick up coding this summer. We dare you.

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(Photos via Girls Who Code )