If you love hearing about new and seriously bizarre beauty regimens (no, charcoal doesn’t count!), then boy, do we have a treat for you! In what seems like the perfectly weird follow-up to urine therapy skincare, a salon in Boulder, Colorado is now making headlines with its breast milk facials. And yes, the milk comes from a human source.

Mother breastfeeding baby girl outdoors in summer nature.

Mud Facial Bar in downtown Boulder started offering the treatment earlier this summer after Chicago’s outpost found great success with it. Which isn’t to say it hasn’t sparked its fair share of controversy and some seriously hot debates: Our initial reaction to this Instagram post shared by the Today Show‘s Al Roker definitely had us raising our eyebrows.

In an interview with Daily Camera, owner Elizabeth Stachovic admitted that, yes, some clients are all for it, but “there are some who are like, ‘Eww, no.’ Some don’t understand it, because they’re so used to the societal taboos that surround it. Others believe it should be strictly for feeding babies.”

Before you can make up your mind on the matter, here are some facts to consider. As far as that second point is concerned, Stachovic is quick to assure potential customers that there’s “less than half an ounce [of milk] per mask [that’s] mixed with clay and lavender essential oil.”

So is it really worth trying? If you’re bold enough to give it a go, you might find that the lactic and lauric acid in the milk work wonders on your skin. The US National Library of Medicine’s National Institutes of Health actually carried out a study, which found that lauric acid could be used as a “safe and effective therapeutic medication for acne vulgaris and other P. acnes associated diseases.”

Speaking with The Telegraph, Dissaya Pornpattananangkul, a bioengineering postgraduate student who worked on the study, shared another perk of using lauric acid as a skin cleanser and exfoliant: “Current treatments have undesirable side effects including redness and burning. Lauric acid-based treatments could avoid these side effects.” Interesting!

Still not sure we’re totally sold on the idea. How about you?

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