Your Epic Summer Road Trip Isn’t Just Fun — It’s Good for You
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Your Epic Summer Road Trip Isn’t Just Fun — It’s Good for You

Chances are your summer social schedule is already filling up fast. With wedding season about to be in full swing, long-weekend getaways to plan and festival season ramping up, it’s exciting, if not a little depressing, to already see the season dwindling. But you should also make sure to leave room for a spontaneous road trip, because not only will it give you a lifetime of memories, but it’s actually good for your well-being.

1. There are huge benefits to boredom. A big part of a long car ride is boredom. Long stretches of nothing to see, nowhere to stop, and nothing to do but sit and stare. It’s not common for overworked and hyper-connected people to let themselves get too bored these days, even though studies have found a little bit of it is actually good for you. Not only does creativity stem from boredom, but this mental downtime also allows for the ultimate in me-time: self-reflection.

2. You could use a digital detox. Look, we know you’re gonna need your phone around for emergencies as much as for playlists and taking pics. But with any luck, you’re going to drive through signal-less stretches, forcing you to put the phone down and look out the window and daydream or, better yet, talk to your pals. Entire adult summer camps now exist for the sole reason of getting people to disconnect from technology and reconnect with their surroundings and each other, and honestly, we are here for it.

3. Travel is good for you. Not only do new environments expand your perspective, but it can reset your mind and your body from its routines, which is a huge stress reliever.

4. Road trips remind you to focus on the journey over the destination. Look, “life is a journey, not a destination” is a very famous quote for a reason, okay? The long, sometimes aimless hours of a road trip force you to slow down, be open to spontaneous discoveries, and become resourceful along the way. The benefits of being mindful are plenty, so while you might not go full zen and meditate in the car, simply living in the moment is also huge.

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