Though it can鈥檛 be denied that Kendall Jenner is having one heck of a year 鈥 hello, biggest Vogue cover of 2016 鈥 she鈥檚 also facing her fair share of expected bumps in the road. What may not have been expected is just how much Kendall peeved some folks聽off with her Spanish Vogue cover, particularly ballerinas 鈥 and one famous dancer just decided to kick up her leg and totally throw shade Kendall鈥檚 way.

A "ballet" flat @dayabyzendaya

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Zendaya may be more well known these days for her acting, including her upcoming co-starring role in Spider Man, but she also happens to be a trained dancer, which is why it made sense for her to pull a dance pose while showing off her Daya by Zendaya flats on Instagram.

Though it all may be a coincidence (as if there鈥檚 such a thing in Hollywood), Zendaya鈥檚 perfectly timed pic was captioned, 鈥淎 鈥榖allet鈥 flat @dayabyzendaya.鈥 Was she perhaps mocking Kendall, because, ya know, just kicking up your leg is 鈥榖allet鈥, right? Um, no, and Zendaya knows it and fans caught on fast.

Where Kendall brought out the haters鈥

Zendaya was met with lotsa love. 鈥淪lay Queen鈥 and 鈥淪hots fired lol Nice photo鈥 showed that fans totally approved.

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