For many parts of the world right now, it’s cold, like bitterly, bracingly and boringly cold. Sure, there’s hot buttered rum to drink, red carpet trends to judge and ski trips to go on (if that’s your thing), but otherwise, winter can feel kind of bleak. To give you some winter activity inspiration, we’ve put together the perfect list of things for you to do based on your zodiac sign. So set up your cozy fairy magic decor, then read through our list and start having fun!



1. Start indoor rock climbing. Your adventurous spirit can’t be slowed down, no matter the season, brave Aries! Take your abundant energy to an indoor rock climbing wall this winter. We know you love conquering new heights (literally and figuratively), and getting your adrenaline going is the perfect way to beat those winter blues.



2. Try wine tastings. There’s no better time than right before wedding season to refine that posh palette of yours, Taurus. Check out your local indie wine shop for tasting classes this winter. With your determination and patience, there’s no doubt you’ll be the star student sommelier (and favorite dinner party guest among your friend group!).



3. Attend art classes. Since you love learning new things, versatile Gemini, we recommend trying an art class to get through the next couple of months. Whether it’s painting, ceramics, weaving or drawing, taking an art class this winter will satisfy the many facets of your curious personality.



4. Join a book club. We know feeling protected and loved is important to you, Cancer, which is why we think joining a book club is the perfect way for you to socialize on your terms this winter. You’ll engage your imagination, meet new people in a secure atmosphere and still get your much-needed alone time while you read.



5. Host game nights. The cold temps can’t put a damper on your enthusiastic spirit, generous Leo. Hosting a game night for friends is a perfectly productive way to channel your bossy streak, and we know you’re always up for some friendly competition!



6. Learn basic coding. Put your perfectionist tendencies to work for you this winter, and take an online coding class from a place like Codecademy, Virgo. You’ll dig the precision and practicality of the profession and love the feeling of accomplishment once you’ve finished a project. Plus, you can turn your new skill into a side hustle that’ll pay for your spring break in no time.



7. Buy an art museum membership. Your need to stay social, current and engaged doesn’t stop just because the temperature drops, right Libra?! Most cities and towns offer memberships to their local museums, which will score you a spot at special openings, lectures, parties and happy hours — not to mention free admission to the museum any time you want it!



8. Go on a tropical vacation. Fiery Scorpio, there’s just no wintery activity that can stand up to your passionate spirit, so away you go! You’re always craving something exciting, new and fresh, and staying cooped up in the house just won’t do. Book a weekend away somewhere warm, and indulge your heated, sexy side.



9. Join an improv group. As the zodiac’s resident comedian, you would do well in an improv group, Sag! You’ve got a great sense of humor, intellect and confidence to take the stage. Plus, this is a fun way for you to meet new people, which we’re pretty sure is your favorite thing to do.



10. Start a bullet journal. Your drive and determination don’t slow down just because there’s snow on the ground, ambitious Cancer, so use this time to get your house in order with a bullet journal. You can plan your year, write down your goals and track your habits, all in a customized format built to help you succeed. We’re currently loving Rachel Nguyen’s recent video explaining the practice.



11. Volunteer your time. Aquarius, we know that giving back is important to you, which is why we think volunteering your time for a cause that’s close to your heart is the perfect way to while away the winter months. Check out VolunteerMatch for ways to get involved wherever you live.



12. Get creative with adult coloring books. Seasonal affective disorder is a real thing, and don’t you know it, sensitive Pisces. Adult coloring can reduce anxiety, focus your mind and act as a sort of creative meditation, which is perfect for your imaginative and intuitive mind.

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