We each have our own hair-length sweet spot. Whether you’re a gal rocking fresh fringe or long layers down to there, we all know that it’s just a matter of time (maybe a week for those with fast-growing hair) before our locks go from picture perfect to a little too shaggy. At that point, you have a little standoff with yourself: Visit your stylist asap and spend a good chunk of your paycheck on a pro cut or pull up a hair tutorial and try DIYing a trim, which may save you time and money, but could end very, very poorly (think: no selfies for at least a week). That is, until now. There’s a new game-changing beauty tool that’s designed to make at-home hair trims 100% pro. Meet the Zylist.


The Zylist is the first trimmer designed for chin-length and longer hair, and can be used to snip off those pesky split ends, trim bangs, cut kids’ hair and, with a little practice, even keep layered styles in shape. It’s as easy to use as a flat iron: You simply run the tool down a segment of hair until you’ve reached the desired length and press down to make the cut. The Zylist cuts in a straight line and has a clear paddle so you can easily align the next segment of hair for a perfectly clean cut.


While the Zylist won’t completely eliminate the need for a professional hair cut (plus, sometimes a girl just wants to catch up with her favorite stylist and be pampered at the salon, ya feel me?), it will majorly cut back on those in-between visits that add up to beaucoup bucks over time. That’s especially when you factor in the way affordable price of the Zylist + all of its accessories, which is currently going for $69 on its Kickstarter campaign page.

With just under a month to go, the campaign has only raised $12K of its lofty $100K goal. While we understand the hesitation that comes with trimming your own hair, we don’t know if we’d turn down the opportunity to see if the Zylist really is the miracle tool it seems to be. First units are scheduled to ship in May, which means if worse comes to worse, we’ll be sharing a LOT of posts on how to find the perfect spring hat.

Would you be willing to try out the Zylist and give yourself a DIY haircut? Let us know how you feel about this new tool in the comments below.