Fall brings with it crisp autumn leaves, pumpkin spice everything and some of our favorite holidays. If you’re due in the fall months, you can have so much fun dreaming up the right name for your autumn-born babe. Perhaps you want to name your soon-to-be son after something in nature or a cool name inspired by the weather strikes your fancy. We decided to take fall one step further and create a baby name list inspired by Pantone’s Fashion Color Report from fall 2016. Some of the new colors like Bodacious and Riverside could be first names all by themselves, but in case you wanted more creative baby name ideas, here are some ideas for your future little fashionista.


5 Girls Names Inspired By Fall Colors

1. Color: Airy Blue. Name: Blue. Blue as a name is having a moment. Blue Ivy, the cherub-faced babe of Queen Bey and Jay-Z, has skyrocketed the color name into pop culture. But pre-Bey, John Travolta and Kelly Preston named their only daughter Ella Bleu.

2. Color: Sharkskin. Name: Grey. Fans of Grey’s Anatomy might like this moody color as a first name, either spelled Grey or Gray. Blossom’s Jenna Von Oy (aka Six) named her daughter Gray Audrey, or you could go the middle name route like Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin who named their daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin.

3. Color: Aurora Red. Name: Aurora. This pretty and ethereal name is also the scientific name for the Northern Lights. The Latin origin name means “dawn,” and Aurora was the name of the Roman goddess for sunshine. Plus, a cute nickname for Aurora is Rory (hello, Gilmore Girls fans!).

4. Color: Lush Meadow. Name: Meadow. The most famous Meadow might be a fictional one — Meadow Soprano from The Sopranos — but the nature-inspired name could be perfect for parents who love the great outdoors.

5. Color: Bodacious. Name: Amethyst. Bodacious is a pretty rad name and conjures up images of big waves and surfboards. In the Pantone color family, Bodacious is a vibrant purple with hints of pink. Amethyst, while lesser known than Ruby or Pearl as a gemstone-inspired name, is a violet quartz often used in jewelry.

baby in wilderness

5 Boys Names Inspired By Fall Colors

1. Color: Riverside. Name: River. The color Riverside is a calm and cool shade of blue. River, most commonly used as a boy’s name, evokes peaceful vibes. Most famously, actor River Phoenix had the name. Nowadays, celebs like Keri Russell and Taylor Hanson have named their boys River.

2. Color: Warm Taupe. Name: Bruno. The color taupe is a light shade of brown and Bruno, with its roots in Germany, means “brown.” Crooner Bruno Mars bears the name, though his birth name is actually Peter. Often, you’ll find in kid’s books that bears are named Bruno, so for any future brown-haired boys, this might be a good pick.

3. Color: Dusty Cedar. Name: Cedar. Tree names like Cedar, Oak, Pine and Ash are now becoming more popular with parents as possible first or middle names. The actual Pantone color of Dusty Cedar is more rose-colored than wood-toned, but we think for a family who loves camping, this name might be ideal.

4. Color: Spicy Mustard. Name: Cole. Colman’s is a type of mustard that has its roots in Britain. Cole is a cute nickname of Coleman, which is typically a last name of Irish and English descent but has grown in popularity as a first name.

5. Color: Potter’s Clay. Name: Harry. Anyone who hears the name Potter must hear Harry with it, right? The main character of one of the most beloved children’s stories ever will always live on in our hearts. We clamor for more books (three more Harry Potter books are coming out!!!)

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