It鈥檚 the great American dream to pack up your bags and go wherever Mother Nature calls. Scenic mountains, lush plains, exotic valleys, hidden trails and rocky shores all inspire us to get out there and explore. Now, camping is trendier than ever before with airstream campers, glamping and the whole #vanlife movement. And all of it鈥檚 being shared on Instagram for us to obsess and wanderlust over. The 11 beautiful glamping Instagram shots below will have you lacing up your hiking boots and throwing your tent in the car ASAP. Happy double tapping!

1. Deck Glamping: You have heard of a staycation, correct? Well, what about popping a tent on your deck and decorating the heck out it? Ta-Da! You now have a tent-cation.

2. Happy Camper: If you can鈥檛 rent a cutesy one-room cabin/tent, don鈥檛 be shy about going old school and glamping in a mini camper. What鈥檚 so great about these little guys is the fact that they have wheels. You can travel and glamp from as many locations as your heart desires.

3. Pillows for All: When glamping, it鈥檚 all about taking extra comforts along with you. Think: throw pillows, rugs, tables, coasters, plush blankets, decorative banners and comfy cushions. And friends. Lots of friends.

4. Fancy 鈥淭ents鈥: No longer will you have to struggle with a feisty pop tent. Today, there are so many cool little one-room cabin-type 鈥渢ents鈥 that welcome glampers with open doors. And yes 鈥 they actually have doors!

5. Tent Furniture: If you have the space, you might as well create little chill zones with side tables and coffee tables. With a tent this homey, you might never want to leave.

6. Starry Night: One perk to glamping is that you don鈥檛 need to spend much on entertainment. A night spent under the Big Dipper is worth missing that Amazon Prime rental you have on hold back home.

7. Vintage Cool: Airstream Silver Bullet Campers are what some dream of buying and traveling the 50 states in. These campers come in an array of sizes and no matter where you go, you can trust you鈥檙e traveling in style.

8. Bold Views: Being a glamper, you have full control of where to set up camp. Pick a spot with dreamy views that are worthy of that social media post. Then tuck your phone away and just鈥 be.

9. 5-Star Glamping: Rug, bed *and* dresser? This home away from home is just the place to have a romantic 鈥済lamping for two鈥 trip.

10. Floating Away: You鈥檝e seen houseboats, so why not a camp boat? It鈥檚 doable! Just make sure to set up pool noodle barriers if you roll around a lot.

11. Glamp Outside the Box: Camping is the ideal pastime, because the limits to what you can see, do, explore, eat and experience are endless. Just park on a hill with a view and call it home for a weekend!

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