Guess what? Crazy colorful nails are here to stay. Whether you love a simple glittery ombre or a bright neon tribal pattern, it’s time to try your hand at some DIY nail art. To get you started, we’ve rounded up 20 trendy tutorials that… nail it!

Be sure to head to the comments below to let us know which of these nail styles is your favorite!

1. Easy Triangle Nails: Let’s start with the basics. This just takes a bit of Scotch tape and the right pair of colors. (via PShiiit)

2. Ombre Sponge Manicure: Remember this one? We used an eyeshadow sponge brush to create a perfectly ombre manicure. (via Brit + Co.)

3. Glitter Ombre Nails: You know we love a little glitter. (via DIT&O)

4. Stenciled Stars: To make this starry design, make a stencil using painter’s tape and a star-shaped hole punch. (via Chalkboard Nails)

5. Newspaper Nails: Love the look of newsprint? Transfer it onto your nails! (via Beautylish)

6. Paint Splatter Polish: A very Jackson Pollock look. (via Pretty Gossip)

7. Neon & Gray Outline: The outline mani gained a lot of cred thanks to Chanel – we’re loving the neon look. (via Love Maegan)

8. Gold Striping Tape: These nails have a decidedly royalty-under-the-sea look. (via My Awesome Beauty)

9. Pointillist Nails: Dots and dots and dots and dots! (via Quite Polished)

10. Mid-Century Modern: Kind of a genius move to turn mid-century modern into a manicure, right? (via Love Maegan)

11. The Herringbone Mani + Mad for Plaid: If you love classic patterns, get to work on your Scotch tape and create these gorgeous designs. (via The Beauty Department)

12. Sugar Spun Nails: Wait, do you remember that song from the 90s by the Sneaker Pimps called Spin Spin Sugar? (via XOXO Alexis Leigh)

13. Flocked Fake Nails: We have to admit, we’re on the fence about the flocked and caviar nails look. But this subtle take kind of kills it. (via Cupcakes Clothes)

14. Galaxy Nails: In a galaxy, far far away… ;) (via Beautylish)

15. Feather Nails: Feathers?! These are amazing and the tutorial actually makes them look pretty easy. (via One Nail to Rule Them All)

16. Fancy Tape Nails: You know those fancy shaped scissors you bought for the bridal shower you threw two years ago? Time to bust them out! (via Minted Strawberry)

17. Map Nails: Like the newspaper look, you can transfer or decoupage maps right onto your nails. (via Sarah Scoop)

18. Rainbow Peekaboo: Love this combo of bright colors and matte black nail polish. (via Flaunt Me)

19. Indian Summer: We’re digging the patterns and springy colors in this tutorial. (via Precious Polish)

20. Sunburst: And last, an explosion of sparkles! (via Pshiiit)

What nail art have you tried creating? We’d love to check out your creations – send images our way via Facebook, Twitter, or email!