Forget about figuring out how to pick the right diamonds — there are a few new rings in town ready to take over your social media feeds. What we consider normal pre-wedding bling is quickly changing into the gorg non-traditional engagement ring and it’s time to take note. Whether you just got engaged (congrats!!) or are looking for some inspiration as you search for that perfect ring, we’ve rounded up a list of the best engagement ring trends of 2016. From petite diamonds and gems to teardrop and half-moon-shaped rings, get ready to pin, save or write these down.


1. White Sapphire and Emerald Engagement Ring ($990): Brilliantly beautiful, this white sapphire and emerald combination stuns with its sparkling composition. There’s no need for a wedding band with this beauty.


2. Half Moon Diamond Engagement Ring ($1,400): Unique and refined, this ring is perfect for the non-traditional bride and can be comfortably stacked with a half-circle-shaped wedding band. Sign us up.


3. Emerald Engagement Ring ($409): Bold, brilliant and ultra-feminine, this piece of jewelry is just the right amount of color for a contemporary, modern gal.


4. Dainty Square Engagement Ring ($1,450): Traditional ring settings, begone! We’ve fallen head over heels over for this dainty, square ring design.


5. Rough Diamond Engagement Ring ($675): Straight out of the ground, raw or rough diamonds feature a very different beauty that is absolutely stunning. Choose a solitaire setting or make a band with a few of these gorgeous gems.


6. Double Band Engagement Ring ($2,950): This innovative and crazy beautiful double band and its nesting solitaire diamond can be worn solo, or with a few stack rings mixed in.


7. Petite Diamond Engagement Ring ($120): Classic, delicate and beautifully slender, this petite diamond ring is perfect for the minimalist bride. Stack it with other pieces for an even more contemporary look.


8. Pearl and Black Diamond Engagement Ring ($455): A sweet pearl flanked by black diamonds is a combination that really makes us squeal from excitement. Pair it with a plain gold band (or two!).


9. Teardrop Diamond Engagement Ring ($2,540): A sparkling teardrop diamond is graceful, clean and minimal, while still maintaining its antique design and craftsmanship.


10. Modern Halo Engagement Ring ($990): The delicate sense of romance of this rose-cut pink topaz and modern halo ring is definitely a winner in our books. Plus, the sparkling white sapphires lend total royal status.


11. Infinity Engagement Ring ($928): This dainty diamond infinity ring’s clean and simple lines make this piece oh-so gentle and totally feminine.


12. Rose Gold Engagement Ring ($1,650): Make a statement with one of the biggest trends: rose gold. We also don’t mind that the stone is so beautiful and clean, with *tons* of sparkles.


13. Hexagon-Shaped Engagement Ring ($3,450): We’re not sure what we love more: the stunning shape or the gorgeous halo of diamonds that surround it. This ring is the perfect option for modern, non-traditional brides.


14. Black Tourmaline Engagement Ring ($218): If you’re not into bright colors, try a dark stone or gem. The mesmerizing, rugged black tourmaline brings a totally boho edge to this handcrafted ring.


15. Tiny Gem Engagement Ring ($355): Add a drop of color to your stack with this tiny gem. It’ll give your finger candy a subtle but stunning look.

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