Now that it’s the holiday season, you can *finally* start unboxing those festive decorations without judgement. That’s right — it’s time to turn up the holiday spirit, deck the halls and adorn those front doors. To help you out, we’ve rounded up our favorite budget-friendly DIY Thanksgiving and holiday wreaths that are downright easy to make — which means you can use that much-needed extra time for your Thanksgiving prep. Whatever decor look you’re going for this holiday season, check out these wreath DIYs to spruce up your home in style.

Thanksgiving Wreath DIYs

DIY Ombre Paper Loop Holiday Wreath

1. DIY Ombre Paper Loop Wreath: You don’t need to spend much to make something awesome. Just look at this cheap ‘n’ chic ombre paper loop wreath that only requires strips of colored paper. (via Design Improvised)

DIY Paper Leaf Holiday Wreath

2. DIY Paper Leaf Wreath: Warm up fall with a pretty pastel palette from this wreath reminiscent of spring and summer. All you’ll need is cardstock paper and a few leaf-shaped templates. (via Proper)

DIY Fall Rosette Holiday Wreath

3. DIY Fall Rosette Wreath: Give your front door a romantic touch with this wreath made of felt rosettes. The best part is, it’s so versatile you can switch up the colors and use it for any time of the year (i.e. green for Christmas and pink for Valentine’s Day). (via My Baking Addiction)

DIY Cranberry Holiday Wreath

4. DIY Cranberry Wreath: Grab your hot glue gun to make this holiday stunner. It may take awhile to glue all those cranberries on, but it’ll be *so* worth it. Pro tip: Make your wreath 1-3 days before Thanksgiving to keep it looking fresh. (via A Beautiful Mess)

DIY Autumn Holiday Wreath

5. DIY Autumn Wreath: Gather and glue wooden rods together to create the base of this wreath. Add fresh greenery and gold accents to brighten up its earthy feel. (via Sinnenrausch)

DIY Simple Eucalyptus Holiday Wreath

6. DIY Simple Eucalyptus Wreath: Eucalyptus is an autumn decor staple. This versatile green is great for sprucing up a lacking fall tablescape or forming the *perfect* casual-organic Thanksgiving wreath. (via A Bubbly Life)

DIY Pretty Pinecone Holiday Wreath

7. DIY Pretty Pinecone Wreath: Bring an earthy feel to your front door with this festive sprucer-upper. Forage some pinecones and twigs from your local park and spray paint them white to create a uniform look. Add bright fall leaves and a yellow ribbon for the finishing touch. (via A Pretty Fix)

DIY Pumpkin Holiday Wreath

8. DIY Pumpkin Wreath: Mini pumpkins and botanicals may seem like a strange combination, but they make for a pretty natural palette. Go with a dark wreath base, like shown above, to make the bright organic elements really pop. (via Threads & Blooms)

DIY Gorgeous Fall Holiday Wreath

9. DIY Gorgeous Fall Wreath: All that glitters is gourd. Make sure your front door glistens and gleams by spray painting mini pumpkins and squash a metallic gold. (via Saved by Love Creations)

DIY Pantone Green Fall Feather Holiday Wreath

10. DIY Pantone Green Fall Feather Wreath: If you’re one for making a statement, this DIY fall wreath is the one you need in your home. Pair an emerald green base with gold sequins, and you’ve got a match made in crafting heaven.(via Nest of Posies)


11. DIY Felt Leaves Autumn Wreath: Extend the life of your fall leaves wreath by making it out of felt. That way, you can bring it back around for next year’s decorations. (via Mama is Dreaming)

Holiday Wreath DIYs


12. DIY Glamorous, Over-the-Top Christmas Wreath: It’s all about “go big or go home,” for some. If that sounds like you, then this Christmas wreath complete with disco balls, feathers and more deserves a place in your holiday decor. (via Dream Green DIY)

13. DIY Wreath-Inspired Christmas Star: Minimal and organic, this DIY star wreath is the one to make for your modern Hanukkah celebration. Though this particular wooden star was bought, you can definitely create your own by foraging twigs in your yard and binding them together with twine. (via Avenue)


14. DIY Dreidel Wreath: Turn the classic Hanukkah toy into an impressive decorative display. To get there, you’ll need a wreath form, ribbon, glue gun and a bunch of small dreidels. (via Felt So Cute)


15. DIY Pom Pom and Posie Wreath: With winter at your doorstep, it’s likely you’ve got knitting yarn to spare. Use it to create these colorful pom-poms, which you can combine with rosettes made of fabric scraps. (via Nest of Posies)


16. DIY Upcycled Modern Christmas Wreath: Upcycle cardboard and newspaper to create this bright and playful Christmas wreath. Talk about an earth-friendly way to decorate for the holidays. (via Unleash Creative)


17. DIY Disco Ball Wreath: You’ll have everyone in the mood to party with this glam and glitzy disco ball wreath. Though balls of varying sizes were used here, you can go with a uniform size for a more refined look, if you prefer. (via A Bubbly Life)


18. DIY Sparkly Pom Pom Holiday Wreath: Put whoever comes knocking at your door in the holiday spirit with this delightfully sparkly pom-pom holiday wreath. If bright colors and sparkly decor are your jam, make this guy now! (via Hello, Wonderful)


19. DIY Mid-Century-Inspired Wreath: Mid-century decor has been all the rage since last year. If you’re digging the retro trend, take on this DIY with silver tinsel, bottlebrush trees and colorful ornaments. (via Craft and Tell)


20. DIY Pretty Paper Wreath: No doubt you’ll earn plenty of compliments with this pretty wreath. All you need to make this decor fave is paper and cardboard. (via Hello, Wonderful)


21. DIY Christmas Wreath: For a more natural look, opt for this Christmas wreath made of flowers, foliage and berries. Finish it off with a pretty bow, and you’ve got a solid winner. (via Fellow Fellow)


22. DIY Found Object Wreath: Elevate even the most mundane items with a can of gold spray paint. Just gather any unwanted trinkets you have laying around your apartment, spray them down, then stand back and admire your impressive handiwork. (via Brit + Co)


23. DIY Gift Box Christmas Wreath: The holiday season isn’t always about gifts, but you’ve got to admit this gift box Christmas wreath is enough to put you in the holiday spirit. Deck out a metal wreath form in foil gift boxes and you’ve got the best DIY gift your front door could ask for. (via Crafts Unleashed from Consumer Crafts)


24. DIY Silver and Gold Glitter Holiday Wreath: Can’t decide between a silver or gold wreath? No problem: Compromise with this elegant silver and gold glitter wreath that brings out the best of both metallics. (via A Sweet Afternoon)


25. DIY Paint Chip Wreath: Choose paint chips in a similar color palette for this ombre DIY. Cut out a leaf shape and transition from light to dark shades for a lovely gradient effect. (via Style at Home)


26. DIY Retro Wreath: Deck out a furry yarn-covered wreath with mini ornaments for a Christmas tree-inspired DIY. If you want to go the extra sparkly route, swap out the fur yarn for green tinsel. (via Live Laugh Rowe)


27. DIY Scandinavian Style Wreath: Minimal Scandinavian meets holiday glam in this mashup DIY. Make your own if you can appreciate both elements. (via Fish & Bull)


28. DIY Sequin Wreath: Are you sequin-obsessed? Cover a wreath form with sequin fabric for a girly glam wreath you can rock through Christmas until the New Year. (via A Bubbly Life)


29. DIY Minty and Cool Holiday Wreath: This minty and cool holiday wreath has a little bit of everything. It features deer, bottle brush trees, mini LED wire lights and florals! (via PMQ for Two)


30. DIY Winter Woods Christmas Wreath: Cozy up your front door with a pop of plaid flannel. Stick with the color red to highlight the cranberries within your wreath frame. (via My Sister’s Suitcase)


31. DIY Disco Ball Wreath: Dazzle your holiday party guests as they approach your door. If first impressions count, then this disco ball wreath will surely win them over. (via A Beautiful Mess)


32. DIY Pinecone Wreath: Add a colorful textural element to the classic pinecone wreath by using mini pom-poms. It’s fun, festive and budget-friendly — everything you could ask for! (via Make & Do Crew)

33. DIY Retro Holiday Llama Wreath: If you have a thing for llamas and retro holiday decor, you’re gonna *love* this DIY. Once you’re finished making it, you can bet your wreath will be the cutest and quirkiest on the block. (via A Charming Project)


34. DIY Disco-Themed Galvanized Bubble Wreath Advent Calendar: Get down with this disco-inspired wreath that doubles as an advent calendar. Add plenty of metallic silver goodies, including mirror tiles, to complement your reflective and sparkly disco balls. (via Brite & Bubbly)

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